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Creekside preserve


Not sure what your question is.   However, NV homes, who developed Creekside Preserve in Lambertville, NJ,  has a new subdivision called Saxonbury coming soon.

how does fha 100 dollars down work


The $100 down program is not discontinued.  I just closed one last month.If you go to  you will find homes that qualify for $100 FHA loans.  You will need a HUD registered agent to bid on these homes and a lender who is familiar with FHA $100 down loans.Hope that helps.

Two more bills from closing attorney in addition to $750 on HUD, do I owe?


I have never heard of such fees not being including in the closing.  What kind of attorney says $750 for a closing, but only if you don't communicate with us?  I am all about word of mouth and that attorney would get some bad pr from me!I agree with Beverly, contact your agent and see if they can offer some guidance here.Tammi Knapp

Want to buy a nice home, will put down 25%, can i negotiate a better price of home?


I'd say that putting down more than 20% makes a stronger offer if you are making an offer on a short sale or a bank owned property.  What it says to a home owner is that the sale is less likely to fall through due to funding.  Most home owners have a rock bottom price, you won't get it for less than that amount even if you come with 100% cash.Hope that was helpful.Tammi