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Things to do at Lake Sinclair


Live bands all day, a "local" stage with local entertainment, crafts fair, kids zone with water slides for the children and a really awesome fireworks show.  You won't be disappointed. 

Things to do at Lake Sinclair

Will you be attending this year's Lake Country Freedom Festival at Crooked Creek Marina?If you don't have plans to attend you might want to consider doing that.  I'ts the best fireworks in the Southeast.  And such a gfreat event.

Lake Country Freedom Fest

Will you be attending the Lake Country Freedom Fest July 4, 2011 at Crooked Creek Marina?  you better google it, you don't want to miss it.

What does it mean to make a contribution?


Answering questions from consumers on line, adding photos,  ect... all count as "contributions".  As an example I'll be be getting one more for answering this quesiton.  I'm still learning my way around zillow, but I've gotten some good leads here.

How do you come to your home valuations?


For my clients, I use the last 30 days of comps sold in the area that are similar homes.  Call an agent in your area and ask for a CMA.