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I am looking to sell my home AS IS - what is the best way to do this?


You really can't tell a buyer they can't do inspections.  Not if you want to sell them your home.  I would run from that deal.  You can make it very clear in the listing that the home is being sold AS-IS.  You need to tell your Realtor so they can advertise and help you price it (a little below value) that way.  If something unforeseen does come up in the inspections let the buyer know you can work with them as far as price but you will be doing no work to repair.  Be sure to include every problem on your disclosures so any buyer coming in is aware you priced it with those conditions in mind.  That way you are only working with the unforeseen after inspections.  Good luck with your home sale.

I am in a contract to buy a house. The inspection results are in and not pretty happy about the HVAC


You can have your agent discuss with the sellers about the problem.  You can see if they will fix it, have them credit you for all or part of the repair, or lower the price of the home.  You will have to check with your agent to see what options you may have.  Some things can change your options.  For instance if you already have asked for the maximum seller assist in the transaction your loan may not allow any additional credits.  Finally, you need to be prepared if the sellers can not or will not fix it.  Decide now if you are willing to take the house as it is.  If you know you want it irregardless then anything you get is a bonus.  If it goes the other way then be happy you spent the money on the inspections and let it go. Anyway, best of luck with your new home.

Seller & agent reneging


In Pennsylvania a contract is not binding until both parties sign.  You give them a time limit to help speed up their response and protect yourself from them coming back too much later trying to accept the deal.  Here, in PA, we can now sign the contracts via email and they are binding.  If you do not have a formal contract signed or esigned by your sellers with your accepted offer then you are probably looking at a bidding war if you still want the property.  Again, I am not sure if your state would have any different rules.  You can call your agent's broker or the local Realtors association to try to determine if there are any different rules in your area. 

Editing listing I have posted

Answer is the link to their customer service department.  Explain what has happened and ask for a phone call so they can explain in detail how to fix it.

Where do I get a credit application for a potential renter and where do I submit it?


There are several sites online that will provide forms and background checks for you.  You can try  You will have to get permission from your potential renter and the site explains how.  It is going to run you about $30 for the average inquiry.  I would suggest you have any interested tenant pay you the $30 and if they pass you can credit them in their first months rent.  This helps you save from having to spend money on everyone that comes along.  Most people will be aware if they can pass the credit and criminal checks and wont give you the money if they know they are going to fail.  A great time and money saver.When you are posting your rental listing make sure you include there is an application fee with the credit and criminal checks.  It is going to save you phone calls and time.If you are not interested in working online, to take care of it yourself, you can call a local property management company and ask if they will run the background check for a fee.

Can't get full credit for equity...


I have never heard of such a thing but I live in PA.  It is common for families transferring property to sell it at a reduced price.  Many times it is for $1.00.  That should have nothing to do with the actual value of the property.  Perhaps you should discuss having a professional appraisal on the property with your potential lender.  They may want have to send out one of their approved appraisers, so don't dish out money for your own appraisal until you find out.  After they have a professional evaluation of the land it may be a different story.  You should expect to have to pay for the appraisal yourself even if they have to send their appraiser.  Best wishes for building your new home.


Best Answer

I'm not sure about where you live but here in PA it is nearly impossible to get a loan on a mobile home.  Why don't you call one of your local lenders and explain exactly what you are trying to do?  Call around and talk to a few.  A lender will know all of the ins and outs involved in fixing up your credit.  Plus, they are going to be able to tell you things like how much money you will need saved for down payments and closing costs.  Finally, with a mobile home you may have a higher interest rate than normal so you will need to see what your payments will be, including real estate taxes and home owners insurance.  You don't want to get in over your head and bring down your parent's credit in the process.  There is a lot of planning involved in purchasing a home and I am happy to see you are giving yourself some time to get things in order.  Best of luck!

I'm selling my home, should I tell my real estate agent how much I owe or not?


You could choose not to tell them but they will find out all of that information when it is time to close.  You especially need to tell them if what you owe could be more than what they can get out of your home including selling fees.  Finally, if you don't have enough faith in your current agent to tell them how much you owe then perhaps you need to keep looking.