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Candidate for FHA or Conventional Loan?


Proof of rent or mortgage for the previous 2 years is part of the approval process, but a good Loan Consultant will provide the UW with the facts and compensating factors and request for a manual underwriting as opposed to an automated UW. The fact that you had a mortgage 18 months ago, had good down-payment, and high scores,... a letter explaining your living situation for those 18 months and a manual  underwrite & this should have been approved with no problem. Glad you got a good loan

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Just in case it hasn't already been posted; 3 tips that can be a big difference maker: 1) Curb appeal, it is great that you have your home listed in as many places and ways as possable, but make sure that the front of your house and yard looks good. Clean it up, plant some flowers or use potted plants on the porch. 2) There are many articles and websites that advise you on how to "stage you house" 3) There are several MLS listing sites where you only pay $299-$399 to have your houseon the MLS list. This will bring many more home shoppers into the picture. It is important that you mention that a 3% fee will be paid to the RE Agent. Price your house accordingly, as I'm afraid many agents won't mention your home unless they feel confident of payment.