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report an error

When researching "Sterling Road, 02090" you have a neighbor house on Hampton Court incorrectly listed - you are showing a house from Hull, MA which is hours away.  Please let me know how to flag a house as appearing incorrectly on a page.  thanks

Notifications of New Loan Quotes on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace


Solved it on my own.  Someone the link between my Facebook login and my previous email-based login was lost and it was treating them as two separate accounts.  I reset the pwd for my email-based account, logged in there directly and the option to deactive new loan notifications was present (where it wasn't when I logged in via Facebook).  I believe that should solve it!

Notifications of New Loan Quotes on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

Zillow keeps sending me emails saying that there are new Loan Quotes on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace.  The information the mail provides to stop receiving the notifications does not stop the mails from coming! It says "please go to My Account page and adjust your e-mail preferences".  I have done this and yet the mails keep coming (several days now).Help!