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what are the closing costs for a seller?


Closing Costs for a Seller are generally the broker's commission, The Seller's Escrow fees, in SoCal the Buyer's "Owners" Title Insurance, usually a one year Home Warranty, A Wood Destroying Pest Report and generally the cost of solving any active infestation, A Natural Hazards and possibly a Clue Report, Seller's Transfer tax, Home Owner's Association doc preparation, Recording Fees, Notary Fees and any repairs as a result of Buyer Inspections and request for repairs.  This usually comes in at just less than 7.2% of the market value.  Keep in mind... an aggressive marketing program with a skilled broker will contribute more than the commission and often... very often more than all of these closing costs.

Listed for sale by owner


Click on "More"... claim the property and then edit it... I think that's how it works :-)

Which loan is good FHA or conventional


They are both good.  Talk to a lender in your area and they can explain more in detail... but if minimal down payment is a concern... FHA at 3.5% down is better.  But if you have more down then conventional might be better.  If you'd like a referral to a great agent in your area contact us at 760-639-4663

14731 Plano Ct Rancho Murieta CA


Tell your agent to change it on Zillow... it takes about 1 minute... if you are a for sale by owner... then take ownership of the property on zillow and change it by going through edit property

Where can I get a land and construction loan?


Not sure where you are so do not have a specific name.  But this is what I would suggest if you were here in So. Cal.No institutional lender today is going to loan on the dirt itself.  That you have to buy cash... or have the seller carry the paper.  You can negotiate the terms that are mutually attractive.  But the seller has to be willing to subordinate their first loan to a construction loan.Then go to a local small bank... they almost all do construction loans... or a local Credit Union might work too.  If you are buying a modular or manufactured home ... those companies usually have financing lined up.Good Luck

Short sale? Skip and do something else?

Best Answer

Go after the house that would best fit for you and your family.  You have no obligation to the agents or seller of the short sale property.  If and when your short sale offer is approved... if you have moved on... the listing agent can put it back active with a note that it is an approved short sale... and it will get snapped up by another buyer.The lender does not want to own the property... it happens all the time.  Good Luck... pick your favorite!

How long before listing appears?


The Listing will appear within minutes of the agent inputting it into the local mls computer.  It will appear on Zillow within a couple of days if they wait for the feed to fill.  However... no property should be treated as a pocket listing... that is almost never in the best interest of the seller.  The listing agent should not offer it to anyone until the photography including virtual tour is complete... then enter it into mls grammatically correct and spell checked.  In a really hot market I would say collect offers for 7 days before you resond to anything... then do multiple counter offers.  If your agent is professional enough to do this correctly... and patient enough... you will get the best value for your home.

We are looking at a home where the asking price is 339,900.


Hook up with a good local realtor  and they will be able to do a market analysis of the subject property and give you a better idea than any of us can without the local knowledge.But... if it has been on for six months at the same price... it is probably at least 10% over a real market price so you are already in the ball park.  The way to find out is make an offer.  The low number of $270K might be a good place to start if those sold homes truly are similar in size, age, condition and amenities.  The best place to negotiate from is "I care... but not alot" make them an offer and act like you are going to go away if they do not accept it... and see what they do.  If the home is listed with a good listing agent... they will get you a counter offer... and you'll have a better idea of how it's going to work out... good luck