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Should I Renovate Before Selling


The key to updating your home prior to selling is to be very selective as to what you do. Modernizing your paint colors and replacing carpet in key areas can be big contributors to selling your house quickly while not breaking the bank in the process.Greg & Nancy ColleyRemax Alliance, Colorado[contact info removed by moderator]

Are home photos including pets a turn-off?


As you can see our dogs are a very big part of our life even in Real Estate. I would disagree that pets are a turn-off in showing a home. I believe the majority of home buyers are pet lovers or at best are pet neutral. So featuring your dog or cat in a few of the pictures sometimes can make a house feel like a home and convey a sense of comfort to the home presentation. In the end we are selling homes and not houses...Greg & Nancy Colley[contact info removed by moderator]