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Do you need a certificate of occupencey when buying a foreclosed home for cash


Call the local municipal office to find out what the township requires.  The laws vary on the CCO requirements.  If you are using a local real estate agent or title company, they should know what those requirements are.  Just an side, even though occupancy requirements are different from township to township, the state of NJ requires a fire inspection for all home sales. So it may be a good idea if you are not using a Realtor, who would know what certifications you'll need, to ask the municipal office for all certifications needed for the transfer of home ownership.  Good luck!

Residential Lease Agreement between Landlord and Tenant


Either form can be used. Read them both over and decide which one works best for your individual use, Cross out clauses you don't want such as the commissions.  To throw another option in the mix, check this lease form out as well: Luck!