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QR codes
QR codes are a tremendous way of utilizing Mobile Marketing to promote a sellers home. Buyers also love the codes as they can simply scan and gain access via their phone to video's, pictures and information for the home from the street.
April 06 2013

Can I afford a house?

Try getting pre-approved with a credit union. They are not for profit, and can save you thousands on closing costs. Good Luck
January 22 2013

Is Fannie Mae more likely to accept an offer with their homepath mortgage?

In my experience, Fannie Mae favors offers with the least contingencies. Since you are not competing against other offers at this point, and your offer is full price, I would give your offer a very good chance at being accepted.
January 22 2013
HAFA Short Sales
Just closed a HAFA short sale last week.  The incentive to the seller was 10,000. They allowed the seller to use 2,300 of that money to pay off a credit card lien that was on the house. The appraisal required repairs to be completed.  The buyer put money in escrow to satisfy the requirement.  
October 24 2012