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Any ideas on when the market will stabilize?


I believe the market will remain a "buyer's market" for quite some time.  It seems that it is becoming more and more stable from what it was in 2008 and 2009, but people are still nervous to make commitments.  Unfortunately, people have lost their job security and haven't regained that assurance that if they purchase a home now they will be able to continue paying for it in 5 or 10 years.  In our area, the market continues to get better, but we still have prices that are much lower than they were in 2006 or 2007 and it is impossible to know when home values will go up again.

Where are all of the Open Houses? How come Zillow doese not show them?? hmm???


I know we have a presence on many websites so it is rare that we are able to post our Open Houses on all of them (I think there are 50).  While we love the things Zillow offers, we mainly post our Open House information only on our local company website.Your question, though, has prompted me to look into this as an option in the future.

how do you update the home value - we had an extensive addition and remodel on our home


The yearly tax assessment creates an assessed value of your home.  Usually this is done simply by looking at the trending values.  You will want to contact your county's assessment office to have a new one completed for this year.As for an actual appraisal, you could contact Appraisers in your area to complete an appraisal on your home.  These are generally required when selling a home to compare with the purchase price and are especially important to the lenders.  It would also give you a good idea of the value of your home.Also, most Real Estate offices will offer a free Comparative Market Analysis on your property.  This is where they look at the features, size, improvements, location of your home and compare it to homes in the area that are similar.  They will look at homes currently listed & those that have sold in the past 6-12 months to give you an idea of what price you may be able to list & sell your home at.