- Likely to recommend
05/29/2013 - user5671953
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $200K in Warren, RI.
Mark and I were first time homebuyers with very specific and unique needs. It took a while, but John never gave up, he kept finding places for us to look at that were viable contenders. Actually he was the only agent that we worked with that didn't give up! He helped us find the perfect first home, in the perfect area, explained the process along the way, and answered every one of our first time homebuyer questions! We couldn't be happier.... Erica & Mark
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 06/26/2013
Erica and Mark - After a few false starts, we finally found a home for you to love. Thank you for hanging in there. I really love your choice and the walking community of Warren. I thorough enjoyed the experience. John


- Highly likely to recommend
05/22/2013 - user4995824
Bought a home in 2013.
My fiancé and I were first time buyers and began the process by looking at homes on zillow. That is where we ended up finding John. John made this process effortless for us. He made sure that as new buyers we were informed on every home buying process and knew the right questions to ask. From looking at homes, to the inspection process, all the way up to the closing, John was extremely supportive and helpful to us and was always available whenever we needed him. We highly recommend John to anyone looking to buy a home!
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 05/23/2013
There is no better way to earn a living than helping couples like Kim and Kyle buy their first home. Truly a wonderful experience and hopefully the start of a long relationship. Thank you for the opportunity to help you find a home that you love - John


- Highly likely to recommend
05/18/2013 - user51614152
Bought a home in 2012.
John guided me carefully and thoughtfully through my first home purchase. He provided step-by-step assistance at every single turn -- loft and condo open houses, mortgage experts and expertise, and contractor help.

During this time I am pretty sure every potential challenge faced us along the way. Despite these obstacles, I was able to move into my new home with a GIANT smile! Similar to the other recommendations posted, I would like to echo John's strong knowledge of both short sale and condo sales. During my time working with John he was always available to help me think through options and strategies while demonstrating an unthinkable amount of patience. I highly recommend John for anyone looking for property within RI.

Thanks John -- I mean thanks neighbor! :)
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 05/21/2013
Thank you, Sarah, for the opportunity to hel you find and buy a home that you love. We are both enjoying the Hope St walking neighborhood, so I look forward to bumping into you on the way to Seven Stars or at the Farmer's Market.


- Highly likely to recommend
04/23/2013 - user6717071
Sold a home in 2013.
We worked with John on the short sale of the home we owned for over thirty years. It was an unusual property and one we had heavily invested in emotionally and financially. We wanted the new owners to appreciate (and love) the unique qualities the house and lot had. John had to also find buyers that could hang in there through the typically long purchasing process. He covered both those bases for us twice. Our first buyers had to back out and within 48 hours John had new candidates that qualified and we felt comfortable selling our house to. We were impressed with John's honesty, lightening speed responses, sensitivity, and expertise. He explained what we needed to know without overloading us or confusing us. We can't imagine how we would have navigated the process without John's help and the excellent team he put together for us. We will call John when we're ready to buy again.
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 04/24/2013
Alyn and Paul - Thank you for the opportunity to help you move on with your life through the short sale of your home. What made this experience especially wonderful was having you help me select buyers that love and appreciate the home in much the same way that you have. I am blessed by the opportunity to work with people like you. John


- Highly likely to recommend
03/23/2013 - user91695683
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $250K in Westport, MA.
Unlike the well-tread path of traditional real estate transactions, the home my wife an I desired was a challenging "short sale" purchase. The process was extraordinarily complicated to navigate. So intimidating in fact, that had it been up to my wife and I alone, we would have abandoned pursuit of the house we wanted more than any other. But John, upon recognizing this "fine wine pairing" of couple with house, pushed aside every obstacle for us..

When we needed law advice on the process, he knew a lawyer; when our first lender fell through because they didn't offer escrow account services, he knew a lender that did; when there was a need to lower the asking price to make it affordable, he secured a reduction. In short, John Risica was our problem solver. Without his help, we definitely would not own the fabulous house that we do today. We remain very grateful for his expertise, constant communication, can-do attitude and his ability to followthrough like no other.

Thanks, John! You're the best!
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 03/25/2013
Brian and Lydia - If there was ever a better "fine wine pairing", I don't know of it. May you live happily in this very special home, raising vegetables, rabbits and children for many, many years. It was a gift and welcome opportunity to help you buy a home that you love. Thank you - John


- Highly likely to recommend
03/01/2013 - user9917533
Helped me rent a home.
I met John by chance. I found a very old rental listing with his contact information and I decided to send him an email. He replied almost immediately and I was added to his mailing list. In his newsletter I saw that he was also a member of CrossFit Providence, where I am also a member. We started talking and he worked around my very tight schedule to show me a loft Downtown. I had already started the application process with an apartment on the East Side, but had them cancel the application - I wasn't happy with their lack of communication.

John has made this process very easy so far, he is very responsive and continues to work around my schedule. Although I haven't moved in yet, I anticipate the process to continue to be smooth. He assured me that he'll be there for me if I should have any issues that come up throughout the lease.

I look forward to working with John down the road when I'm looking to buy something.
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 03/06/2013
Thank you, Heather. I'm happy to have been able to help you find a loft/apartment that you love. Enjoy the freedom of living downtown while you're young. You'll end up in the suburbs all too soon. See you at the box - John


- Highly likely to recommend
02/04/2013 - user579340
Found a tenant for a Single Family home in Providence, RI.
John has helped me come up with great and creative ideas to get my life going in a positive direction, thank you John. Not only did he find a great housing solution for my x wife and children by finding a great deal of a house on Hope street, he negotiated a fantastic rental deal for me as well with my house on College Hill in Providence.
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 04/03/2013
Not every deal travels in a straight line and this one had more than its share of curves. I am happy to participate in a series of transactions that enabled Jon's wife and ex to move next door, the banjo music and trampoline are just an unexpected bonus. Thank you, Jon, for this opportunity.


- Highly likely to recommend
01/21/2013 - user8836206
Sold a home in 2012.
We have worked with John for several years on a number of transactions and were thoroughly pleased. He is deeply knowledgeable and a skilled negotiator. He is patient and responsive--a strong advocate. We recommend him without reservation.
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 01/24/2013
Emilio - It is a blessing to have clients you and Stephanie. Broadway is way to big for the two of you, so let's get started moving family in and making babies. Great home for a wonderful couple. John


- Highly likely to recommend
01/04/2013 - user6821005
Property manage a Single Family home in Cranston, RI.
John is outstanding. It’s hard being an out of state home owner and a member of the 99% club. John did his best to sell my home when I had to be relocated to the west coast. I received weekly and biweekly reports, photos, and helped me find contractors to do minor repairs. Let’s face it, the market isn’t great. But, John was always positive and full of creative ideas. In the end he was able to assist me in finding renters. He saved me time, mortgage and SANITY! Thanks John! You’re the best!
Profile picture
Response from The John


- Highly likely to recommend
12/31/2012 - user6052038
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $75K in Pawtucket, RI.
John Risica was the buyer's rep for my first property purchase. John has an extensive knowledge of the home-buying process and he is willing to address every detail with his client. Those who work with John to purchase a home will especially benefit from his established network of real estate and lending professionals in the local area. I strongly recommend John Risica as an agent.
Profile picture for The John Risica Team
Response from The John on 01/02/2013
David - you were the first client to find me on Zillow, call and ask me to help you, and finally review me after we completed the purchase of your home. Talk about coming full circle!! Thank you for this opportunity. Enjoy your home and call me any time that I can help. John


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