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George Raymondo
Mortgage Banker, Mortgage Loan Originator (25 years experience)


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My name is George Raymondo, a proud former member of the Armed Forces and currently a Branch Manager for American Financial Network, Inc. We are a Direct Lender out of CA and we lend in 26 States. We offer a wide array of  loan programs. I specialize in all government loan products i.e. FHA, 203K Purchase/Rehab, CHF Platinum, Access Down Payment Assistance Program, VA, USDA Rural Development Loan, in addition to Conventional, Jumbo and Super Jumbos. As an additional area of expertise, I am a credit specialist as well being an expert at helping homeowners purchase after a short sale, foreclosure, or Bankruptcy.

Whether you're buying or refinancing a Single Family Residence, Multiple Units, Manufactured Home, a Condo, or Townhouse, I can help. I also over two decades of experience in evaluating credit and if necessary I help bring your credit scores up. I have assisted hundreds of homeowners who thought they'd never be able to finance a home. I have over 25 years of home loan experience and pride myself to being an honest, straight-to-the point, and a knowledgeable mortgage professional.

Looking forward to servicing your mortgage needs.

George Raymondo
Mortgage Banker
NMLS#: 242639
(951) 240-8634
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- Highly likely to recommend
07/12/2014 - austintate0
Closed purchase loan. Frisco, TX
If you are reading this review it is very likely because you are in a position requiring you to obtain a new mortgage lender for your home purchase. I could simply tell you that you are done looking, that you found the right person, and that you can stop reading on now, contact George, and start picking out paint colors and drapes for your dream house that you thought you may not be able to get, but those quick and accurate facts would never convey the gratitude my family has for George’s taking over our home loan and making it not only happen but happen inside 3 weeks of the original closing date.

Our lender started to waiver, contradict earlier answers, and generate a huge lack of confidence, then 3 weeks before closing they called me to inform us that they were wrong on several points and were not going to be able to close our loan. Even after confirming that they would not be able to close the loan for a week they continued to try to sell us on an appraisal that was almost exactly double the price of the appraisal we eventually went with. Several times I re-confirmed with them that there was no way I could close a home loan. The last conversation I had with them was very deflating. They said there was absolutely no way I could close a loan and that we were ‘done’. I sat at my desk for a minute and thought, ‘After all the mistakes they made, am I going to listen to them?’. I decided that I couldn’t simply let it all go. There had to be way.

I got online, and after some quick searches came across George Raymondo. I found myself reading reviews from other people he had helped, picked up the phone, and 3 weeks later I was holding the the keys to the house that my original lender said I could not get. George, put very simply, MADE IT HAPPEN. He was profession, attentive and responsive, obviously highly educated in his field, and very informative along the way. There were several points where other people in the home buying process were about to drop the ball and George stepped in to make sure no mistakes were made.

George Raymondo earned nothing less than my full respect and every reference I can possibly provide. If you are reading this and you still have doubt about whether or not you will get the home you have been wanting, stop doubting and call George Raymondo.
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- Highly likely to recommend
06/24/2014 - user1471161
Closed purchase loan. Grand Prairie, TX
I’m a Marine Veteran, married before I got out and a 1 year old little girl. My “special” situation started once I was ready to commit to buying a home. I had the job, the money was in good order, I finally figured out how the VA loan works and I was tired of throwing away money monthly by paying rent, so I applied with NFCU, but sadly my score was not there and I was turned down. Round two, built my credit up and went with USAA. We spent almost 3 months exchanging documents and documents to support the documents, building up savings and checking accounts (around 10k), writing letters of explanation, every little detail. The one thing USAA “misinterpret” was that I was a contractor for a aviation company assigned to work for another aviation company. Once USAA understood this, 3 weeks before I was supposed to close, I was denied. Note that as a contractor I was not able to be approved for a home with USAA and NFCU because I haven’t “worked” there for 2 years. I was destroyed to know that after all this time, it was for nothing, I felt like nothing, I was a father to a little girl that depended on me, a husband to a wife, an 8 year veteran that just wanted a little break in life… The realtor suggested someone else but they said the same thing. I used THE POWER OF GOOGLE, not giving up, knowing that there has to be some way and that’s where I found George from American Financial Network. I was scared at first, due to the fact that my apartment lease was to end a day before I was supposed to close, but George worked very vigorously with me throughout the process. When I had a question for him, he actually picked up his personal phone and spoke with me. I was treated more like a human than a number. They were able to use my military time to support the 2 years for working at my company. When I received the phone call from George stating that I have gotten approved, I felt complete. I will admit that I was in shock and it was a very emotional moment for my family and me. I would like to share that I have never wrote a review for anything. If I go to a restaurant and they ask me to write a review, it really wouldn’t matter what I say, if someone wants to eat there, they will do so. I’m writing this to share with my brothers and sisters looking to purchase their home because USAA and NFCU have turned them down. I wrote this for everyone to know that I needed help and the only one that could help me was not the bank you see on TV showing men and women in uniform but George from American Financial Network.  MoreLess
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- Highly likely to recommend
06/23/2014 - zuser20140623195909629
Closed purchase loan.
George raymondo is definetly a skilled and well organized lender whom we had the priviledge of being under as he persistently pressed in on our behalf to get us approved in the various requirements that were asked of us, his professional counsel sparked hope in us when hope seemed to have dimmed out after being turned down through our very own credit union. We were so excited when approval after approval came and then the final closing on the home that we forgot to thank him for his help. Shame on us.. He was always aware of our case and willing to answer our calls. mr. George Raymondo is definetly a pro in his field of work and i highly recommend him to anyone that is on that last thread and cant see how they're going to pull it through. I recommend him to those that are not on their last thread and want to save themselves the headache. on a scale of 1 to 10 we give him a 10 . Recommendation: Highly likely  MoreLess
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