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01/12/2015 - bhargavp
Sold a home in 2014.

We contacted Sirisha through a referral. A friend had done home sell and and purchase with her. I was much more pleasantly surprised to see her commitment in selling my home. Within 20 days she has sold the house at the highest price in the neighborhood. There were some issues raised by the potential buyers/agents. She worked with government agencies and got clarifications from them in a timely manner. One of the most energetic and responsible agent in bay area in my view.

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12/05/2014 - ariyabala
Sold a home in 2014.

Sirisha did awesome job of staging and selling my house in Fremont. she knows how the market is and pick the right price for listing. I strongly recommend her for selling and staging your home!

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09/30/2014 - zuser20140312131607734
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $825K in Pleasanton, CA.

There really is not enough that we could say about Sirisha!! As a first time buyer, especially in this market and in bay area, to say the least me and my wife were a bit skeptical about making that plunge as a home buyer. Worried about high prices and bidding wars. Sirisha however made the process virtually painless and was patient enough to explain everything that was happening as the process went along(from our first meet till the end), returned all our calls and made us feel and showed that she had our best interest at the forefront of the entire purchase process. She was able to get us on contract before the open house. HIGHLY recommend to any home buyer. Her knowledge on current market and trends is something you don't find in every agent. This is what makes her special.

If you hire Sirisha as your realtor, you are going to get an honest, hard working, dedicated, and knowledgable professional fighting for you.

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09/14/2014 - Srini Chimata
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $825K in Ardenwood, Fremont, CA.

I have been working with Sirisha Sinha for the last four years and without any doubts, I can say that she is the BEST realtor (out of the five people I worked with in the past 15 years). I bought my two homes (primay and a rental) and got my old home sold with Sirisha's exemplary realtor services.

With my past experience of dealing with other realtors, I had developed an opinion on the realtors in general, but Sirisha did change that skeptical and becoming-gullible-with-their-sweet-yet-spurious-conversation feeling. She was the first realtor who went over each page in the contract and took some quality time (instead of turning the pages for our signatures) and explained patiently what each clause really meant with some easy-to-understand examples and my awe-stuck wife first noticed it with a big "Wow!" and it was the first time we got a good feeling that at last some realtor was taking one's job seriously and sincerely and not tricking us with a better commission from the seller's agent. Albeit it was a rental property in Union City, she devoted us as much time as she w do for a million dollar home. I first saw her name in a local Indian Cultural event (SiliconAndhra's) and then decided to try her services, after my wife had got vexed with another lethargic realtor and put a dead-line for me to find another realtor right away. Sirisha did handle the whole deal so smoothly and efficiently, we were thoroughly impressed with her and spoke of her swiftness, commitment, follow-ups and the always-on-the-top-of-it attitude to a number of our family friends and colleagues.

Later we decided to move from Ardenwood to San Ramon in the search of better middle/high schools and she again came to our rescue by putting down a clear road-map as to what the exact steps were (like whether buying a home in San Ramon first and then selling the Ardenwood home or vice versa) and we exactly followed her hand-holding steps and the end result was another smoother and worry-free exercise. I have, in the past, witnessed as to how a few of my friends (with an expectation of saving a few thousand dollars by doing their own research and trying to work with both buyer/seller agents with commission discounts etc, but in the end, tricked by the realtors.. their learnt lesson --> clients can never out-smart the realors) ended up by paying more from their pockets in a similar situation.

Another big help we got from Sirisha was the selection of a right mortgage agent. Initially, we did our own research and found a mortgage agent but she finally miserably failed in getting us a big loan ($600k+) and we were very worried, as the we were left with only three weeks to close the San Ramon house purchase deal. Then, we approached Sirisha and honestly told her what had happened and she right away (within a couple of days) lined up an efficient mortgage agent, Satish Dadral from WelllsFargo, and he was able to get us even a better loan ($750k) within two weeks. When I take a lookat the current market price of my current San Ramon home now, I always get a beholden feeling that without Sirisha's help, we could not have bought this home at such lower price in the first place back in 2012. Had the San Ramon home slipped off our hands then, we would have stayed back in Ardenwood.

Secondly, she took some special interest (that usually is not taken by many realtors after the deal is closed) and went over many miscellaneous things and one of them is shopping for a better home insurance deal than the previous one (that saved us more than 30%).

When I we sold our Ardenwood home, she followed a novel approach of selling it and got us 40K more than the asking price (I need to remind you that it was in Aug 2012 and that time, it was all buyer's market).. Getting more money over the asking price in the Seller's market phase is not at all surprising, but she could do it during the Buyer's market period. Even today, I still wonder how she could do it!!

I have referred to her more than 20 people in the last four years and at least half of them bought from her just believing in my good buying/selling experience with her and they are more than happy that I introduced them a wonderful and efficient realtor.

In one line, she is is known for her "efficiency, commitment, honesty, dynamism, caring" and above all as a "wonderful human being".

Sirisha.. you are making a huge positive difference in lots of your clients' lives like ours and no wonder you are time and again are getting recognized with the Best Realtor awards! We are luck to have you in the Bay Area!!

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07/25/2014 - bluechipusa
Sold a home in 2014.

Having bought and sold several homes over the last 25+ years in several cities, we know the importance of having a good realtor on your side, when we decided to sell our home. After interviewing several agents, we selected Sirisha Sinha. It was a great experience working with Sirisha. Sirisha has precise and good knowledge of the market conditions and all the information that is relevant for determining a fair listing price for the property. Sirisha had several discussions with us to explain the market conditions, understand our expectations, went over the entire process for listing and selling a home and outcome expectations, fairly in detail. She met all the milestones & goals that we agreed upon. She managed the staging, open house and ramping up potential buyer/s interests to get the best & most fair market value for the property. She brings in all the crew that is required to stage the home and prepare the property for listing including any repairs, painting, carpet laying, etc. Sirisha has a team of professionals to help through the process and her management of the team is very effective & efficient. Fair in her dealings and straight in her communication, she was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend to anyone for listing or buying a home. Sirisha had a family vacation that she was committed to prior to our listing and she made sure that her being away did not come in the way of managing the negotiation and the selling process. Despite being on vacation, she was constantly in touch with the buyers, buyer agents and others to keep things moving. Very professional in her services, she stayed on top of things every step of the process. Just about the time we were going to list, a couple of other properties in the neighborhood got listed and she showed great market savvy and judgment in timing the listing, determining the listing price and open house timing. All of these resulted in getting the best value for the home.

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07/22/2014 - parulprabhakar
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $950K in Ardenwood, Fremont, CA.

Sirisha has been one of the best agents we have ever worked with. We were selling our house living 1500 miles away and she did an amazing job start to finish. The house was prepared and staged very well and marketing was great. We ended up selling our house for much more than we expected and in a very short period of time. We always felt very comfortable during the entire process of selling our house knowing that we will get the best deal possible. We would highly recommend Sirisha to anyone looking for an agent.

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06/12/2014 - myhome53
Sold a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $700K in Ortega, Sunnyvale, CA.

We are lucky to have Sirisha on our side. She is a thorough professional and did an excellent job. We sold our home recently through her. She has an excellent team of contractors for repairs/upgrades and staging. Everything was done within our budget and house was staged perfectly.

Her planning and organizational skills are highly commendable. She knows how to set expectations and made sure that, we understand the process well. Selling a house at a price beyond the expectations of the seller requires great negotiation skills and a deep knowledge in local market. She did that and i am very happy about it. I think that is the difference between an average real estate professional and great real estate professional.

I strongly recommend Sirisha for any prospective buyers/sellers.


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03/17/2014 - mallikt
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.75M in Los Gatos, CA.

We have worked with Sirisha to buy our new dream home in Los Gatos and to sell our beautiful Campbell home. We are lucky to come across a realtor like her. We are extremely happy with her services and we highly recommend her. The following five attributes that she possesses are assets to her clients: - Domain Knowledge - Passion - Customer-first attitude - Trust-worthiness and integrity - Extreme efficiency and high responsiveness

She worked patiently with us for more than a year during the buying process and honestly pointed out pros/cons of various homes that we came across.She steered us away from properties that she thought were not up to the mark and often pointed out flaws that we failed to notice. During the buying process we noticed that she doesn't put any pressure on her clients, patiently shows them various houses and strives to make sure that they eventually end up buying their respective dream home.

And when it comes to selling, she again proved as to why she is one of the best - she was methodical, planned everything well, brought in her contractor for the required upgrades/repairs, staged the house superbly and sold it in a week with multiple offers! Her contractor Eli and her crew did a fantastic job w.r.t. upgrades, repairs and staging. The whole selling process turned out to be a very smooth affair.

Another great thing with Sirisha is that she will be there to help you with any issues (like home warranty issues, any required escalations for swift resolution etc.) that might come up long after transaction is done.

Sirisha also surrounds herself with best mortgage professionals, inspectors and contractors. In this extremely competitive Silicon valley market we noticed that this is a key to move forward in a fast manner when required.

Last but not least, she has excellent communication and negotiation skills. Buying or selling a house requires good communication between buyer and seller agent, agent and lender, and especially agent and client - Sirisha excels in all of these tracks.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a top-notch real estate agent for your buying/selling needs, Sirisha Sinha is the answer.

-Jagannadh & Sudha.

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11/02/2013 - SrinivasPeri
Sold a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $700K in West San Jose, San Jose, CA.

We recently sold our town house in San Jose - West. Sirisha did a fantastic job, we found her to be thorough, honest and very clear in her communications / setting expectations. Sirisha helped us with the entire process - listing at appropriate time, correct pricing based on experience, staging / presentation of home, marketing, negotiations with buyers and escrow closure.

We strongly recommend Sirisha to all the prospective buyers/sellers

Once again, we would like thank Sirisha profoundly for helping us sell our home.

Uma & Srinivas Peri

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10/30/2013 - Newark guy
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $600K in Newark, CA.

We sold our rental property recently and before we selected Sirisha to represent us. We interviewed 4 agents including an "area expert". While most agents were good the qualities that really set Sirisha apart was her knowledge of the market, approach, expertise, negotiation skills and most important her energy.

First Challenge - Our house was not in a great shape after the renters moved. We were reluctant to put in a lot to get it all fixed. She helped us through the process - got us engaged with a company that helped do all the required fixes at a price that was acceptable. The end result was that our house really stood out when there were 4 different properties up for sale in the same neighborhood with one in the same cul-de-sac.

Second Challenge - With multiple house in the same neighborhood going up on sale we were afraid that the glut would impact the sale price. Here,Sirisha persisted with 3 weeks of open house and very aggressively reached out to all the agents who visited the property, calling them and following through the process. In fact, we landed up having multiple offers on the property.

Third Challenge - During the close process there was a discovery made by the inspector that potentially ran a huge bill, we were not prepared to address and felt was it not justified. There was considerable pressure from the buyers too. We saw Sirisha do some real long hard negotiations and work a solution that was acceptable to both the parties.

All this was done with a huge smile and an amazing attitude.

Satish & Archana

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