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Home Selling Tip

Remove personal photos from your home when showing. Many clients are distracted by them and miss out on key selling points of the home.

how do i find the value of a home sold in 1993?


Try looking up you county assessment. For example here in Erie, PA we can go to and enter the house address to get the information. It's not always listed, but in most cases it is. I hope this information is helpful.

When I bring up my address, Z-estimate has it listed as a two unit. It is a single family 2 story.

I also researched houses that recently sold and the property values per the county assessment and my home is assessed higher than all of the houses, per county valuation. Those same homes listed as comparibles list higher through z-estimate and my home list at a much lower value through z-estimate. Is this because z-estimate has my house listed as a two unit? How do I correct the two unit issue?