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    06/29/2012 - user353068
    Property manage a Single Family home in Bodega Bay, CA.

    I have known Thera Buttaro for many years as a neighbor to wave to in passing -- Bodega Bay is a village and most of us are acquainted with each other. But I've known her well in a professional capacity for the last two years. When I accepted a position as a journalism professor at the University of Oregon, my wife and I needed to rent our home. It is not a casual investment; it is our home and we intend to return to it. Hence it was critical that the tenants be hyper-responsible. We bought the house new, we kept it in impeccable condition and it was imperative that those living in it appreciated not only the sweeping bay and ocean view but also the house and yard. And we wanted the place appreciated as our home so that the tenants would consider themselves guests even as they made it their own home for the duration of the lease. Thera Buttaro immediately understood our emotional and real estate needs. She worked hard, quickly and efficiently to find just the right family. There is no need to write here that I would work with her again because we are working with her again. Our perfect occupants purchased their own house and we need to replace them. There was no question who we would choose to find the new tenants: Thera Buttaro is on the job, showing the house, querying the prospects and making sure that the rent will be paid promptly and that when we return to Bodega Bay, our home will still be in pristine condition. Peter Laufer

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    06/27/2012 - user3213269
    Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $725K in Bodega Bay, CA.

    I highly recommend Thera as a sales representative. I would have not been able to sell my home with any other agent. She performed far beyond her obligations as a agent. My property had many unfinished issues that had to be resolved before the close of escrow that were extremely complicated and very time consuming to complete. She personally handled all the aspects that I had no knowledge or expertise. We had 3 escrows with very demanding buyers but she never gave up. I have bought and sold many properties over the years and never had a agent who was so devoted to the task at hand. She would a very smart choice by anyone who wants their property sold.

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