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selling my house- it's vacant


I agree with several comments.  First off check out the pictures.  If $20 in ppaint will change how the pictures and virtual tours look, do it!  People contact agents on how homes look in pictures and schedule viewings!  Something needs to be changed or refreshed.  The second thing is, there is a new outlet mall going in your area? Has the agent used Social Media to get this information out there and put a link to your home?  I am finding we are having to be more and more creative to FIND the traffic to view your home.  Are you getting a weekly report of where your home is being seen?  I would encourage you to do some paint, or have a friend/church member come help tweek things and restage to take new pictures....I find the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different this industry we as Realtors have to continually try new things until we find the right one!