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Is this the norm for a shortsale transaction?


You are not being unreasonable.Your agent should accomodate to you and not the other way around.Repairs, if approved by you, should be done however YOU want them done, so, you can choose who makes the repairs, time, day, etc., unless you agreed to something different on the contract. And most importantly, you should wait until the bank has approved the deal, there is no sense in starting to do repairs if the bank has not approved it.Good luck!

what is the value of my home/home value?


Ask a realtor in your area, he/she will be able to give you a comparative market analysis; another option is to pay for an appraisal.

Home for sale and/or rrent


One way to do it is to go to: and fill out the information for sale and/or rent. If you have post to zillow, it will post within a few days

Ahh, I am anxious! Please help!


You have to disclose the correct information to the loan officer. If the documentation is reviewed at a later date and someone finds it is not true, you could be subject to a fine!