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Home inspection, who is required to make repairs, buyer or seller?


Hello there,First off, the home inspection contingency covers you if there are problems with the house that you cannot live with. In other words, you can back out. The seller does not have to fix anything on the home inspection unless negotiations are made from this point on. A home warranty that covers Hvac and in most cases costs from $ 500-600 could be purchased to cover any issues with that. The second thing to think about is, did you see the pitting on the showers before you made the offer, if so this should have been brought up prior to the home inspection because you could have saved yourself some time and money by getting this issue out in the open ASAP. On the other hand there are some epoxy paint products for refinishing those showers that are fairly inexpensive. So it sounds like the decision is yours to make. Do you really want the house? If so sign on the line as is or call his bluff and risk loosing the home to another buyer.TS

Site built or Manufactured?


Donnie,Mobile homes are being made far better than they used to be, but their value will not increase over time. Not only that, it is difficult to remodel or add on to a mobile home in the future and make the modifications look good. Another thing to consider or ask your agent is the Mobile home a "first time put down" meaning Is this the first and only place the mobile home has been parked since it came from the dealer. If not most mortgage companies will not lend on the property. In my opinion it better to pay more for the site built home now because if you ever want to modify or resell the property, the site built home will retain its value.Thank You, Tillis Scobie

Remodeling Advice Needed


In my opinion, If you remodel the bathroom and kitchen you will have the most return on investment and make it more appealing to a buyer thus speeding up the sales process. Just do it smart, use a trusted iktchen and bath specialist to renovate your space and you should come out on the plus.