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was this home really worthn the price in 2006


Thats a straightforward question with a complex answer: it depends. Without knowing the condition of the home, # of bed & bath, size, etc., I wouldn't be able to give you an intelligent response. Couple of things to consider, though:1) When you purchased in July of 2006, the market had peaked and plateaued, so it is possible that you purchased your home at its top value.2) Assuming you have a mortgage, I would look at the appraisal that was done on your home when you purchased it. You should be able to see if your home was at the top range of comparable homes at that time.If you have more questions, feel free to contact me via my contact info on my profile.Best Regards,Tim Soper



Your in Old Renwick Trail, right? Unfortunately, in newer subdivisions with same or similiar models, its difficult to get much price separation from your neighbor. 3 bedroom duplexes in ORT are listed between $178K & $198K, so it would be difficult to break out above $200K.That being said, THERE ARE ALOT OF THINGS that you can do to make your home appeal more than others for sale in your neighborhood (i.e. sell for its highest value and in the shortest time frame). Curb appeal, room layouts, fresh paint, etc. Most of the ideas I suggest to my clients are easy to do and inexpensive.Finally, I would suggest using a Realtor who has a dynamic marketing and sales plan. A professional who is actively looking for qualified buyers for your home.If you are thinking of selling or you have additional questions, I would be happy to help you. Please see my profile for my contact information.Best Regards,Tim Soper

market analysis


Any local Realtor would be happy to provide you with one. As a Realtor in Shorewood, I would be happy to do. Please feel free to visit my profile for my contact information.