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12/15/2014 - info14252
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $2.075M in Mission Hills, Fremont, CA.

We recently sold our home in the Mission San Jose area and were fortunate to have Timothy as our real estate agent. He is very knowledgeable about real estate in general and the Mission area in particular. We decided to put our house on the market during a time when the market was cooling off, according to the other agents with whom we spoke. Timothy was not hesitant in the least and advised us to list at a price that was 10% higher than the other advice we received. When he touts his record of above asking sales, he is accomplishing this from a starting point of aggressive positioning. Timothy followed through with a full complement of supportive services. We had a complicated move process and he was very flexible with our requests and supportive of our needs. Our first offer was from an agent in his office. Timothy showed no preference to the offer and was very open with us in discussing it. When the offer fell through (strictly because of the buyers’ situation), Timothy quickly jumped into action to pursue other opportunities.

Timothy and his staff guided the final stage of the process in reaching closure on the escrow very smoothly and saw to it that we were protected from and compensated for the little bumps along the way.

Many thanks to Timothy and his team for a smooth process and a successful outcome!

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10/21/2014 - Anup Chatterjee
Sold a home in 2014.

I would highly recommend Timothy. Right from day one he made us feel comfortable about the whole process. He made the process for the sale of our condo really easy. He has a whole team who will review the house and suggest improvements that can get the best bang for the buck. We followed his teams suggestions and were able to get increased interest with 8 offers over our listing price. He also staged the house and cleaned it up for us as part of his offering. The house was on the market in a week after the upgrades were done, they were really professional, meticulous and fast in listing the property. The team is very responsive and available even though they are closing deals almost every day.

I honor his integrity as a seller's agent. There was an offer from one of his own agents but to be fair to everyone he had each offer presented to me by their agents in person. I had the chance to interview all the agents and then decide. There were slightly better offers than his agents and he suggested not to counter anyone's offer as there is one from his own agents and it wouldn't be fair to counter just theirs. At the end we were very happy with the offers as they were above our already heightened expectations. The contingency, escrow, and closing process also was handled very smoothly and we closed within 30 days.

Overall I would highly recommend Timothy and his team. I wish him and his team the very best.

- Anup

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09/11/2014 - DaleOuimette
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.475M in Vineyards-Avalon, Fremont, CA.

Timothy recently sold our home of 21 years in Fremont and everything went smoothly. I dont give recommendations lightly but after the sale I sent all our friends in the area his contact information via email with our change of address in case they were considering selling their home. This is how confident I am that he would represent them well.

There are always questions and concerns in any large transaction and big change, but Timothy and staff were able to address everything in a timely manner. We had recently moved out of the area and therefore almost all of our interaction was over the phone and email. We met in person initially and he was very understanding and respectful about how emotionally attached I was to my home.

His included services far outweighed his competitors. His knowledge of the demographics and culture of the local market and what will attract them to your home. His services teams also reflect that knowledge. Additionally we did not have to be concerned about getting anything ready for listing or completing the sale, his team took care of everything, which not being local was very important to us. Our house sold in 12 days for more than asking.

The experience was as painless as it could be. I could concentrate of packing and moving vs transactional details which was very helpful. I would recommend Timothy to anyone wanting to buy or sell. Good luck

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08/06/2014 - bdkrishna
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Cameron Hills, Fremont, CA.

I wanted to take a moment to thank the Timothy Crofton team for the professional and prompt service you have provided us. This opportunity was made most pleasant with your expertise in dealing with the housing market. We appreciated Timothy's personable nature. Hilmis, as an escrow manager, you have the been the heart and soul of this deal, keeping everything together. I have really appreciated you coordinating all the appointments. Timothy, the services you provide for free such as staging, landscaping, cleaning and moving are all so appreciated and help to make the moving process easier. We also appreciated that you have a team of people who support you and support your clients. Thank you Crofton Team.

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07/24/2014 - ymiyagi55
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.425M in Mission Valley, Fremont, CA.

I will strongly recommend Timothy Crofton if you are trying to sell or buy your house. After living in Fremont for 24 years, we knew Timothy Crofton had good reputation so we decided to contact him when we decided to sell our house in Fremont.

We are very pleased that we contacted him. Our house was sold $100,000 over the list price a few days after the house was put on the market in June 2014. Before the house was listed on the market, Timothy Crofton's staff prepared our house nicely for the market. Timothy sent his team: interior designer, IT engineer, cleaning crews, gardeners and moving crews to prepare and stage our house for the market.

Again, I strongly recommend Timothy Crofton to anyone.

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07/04/2014 - pb_cal
Sold a Townhouse home in 2014 for approximately $750K in Kimber-Gomes, Fremont, CA.

I had an extremely pleasant experience with Timothy Crofton and his associates during the entire process of selling my property. I found him very particular about his commitments , following a well defined process and executing the steps in a timely fashion. I barely had to worry about anything . His office took care of everything and I was also kept well informed , continuously on the progress.

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05/21/2014 - dcreighton47
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.675M in Cameron Hills, Fremont, CA.

We just sold our home of many years in Fremont, and selected Timothy because of the full range of services he offers to sellers. His system and extensive staff makes a complicated process incredibly simple.

He has a design team to make suggestions for upgrading the house before bringing it to market, a gardener who will spruce up the yard, contractors for doing the necessary construction and painting work, a warehouse full of furniture for staging, a cleaning crew, and movers who carted our belongings from our home to several different locations. All those services come out of his pocket, except for payments to the painting and construction contractors, which are obviously the responsibility of the owner. No other agent, to my knowledge, offers such complete support services.

While it's great that Timothy pays for these extra benefits, even more important to us was that he manages them as well. We didn't have to choose paint colors, tile, or fixtures; he supervised the contractors while we were away on vacation; and all the different pieces (design, construction, staging, marketing) were managed by his office. When we had questions or suggestions, they were handled promptly, but when we wanted to step back from the frenzy, everything kept on running.

Our house sold quickly, and the whole transaction from beginning to end was about as painless as it could possibly be. If we had it all to do over again, we'd hire Timothy without a second thought.

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03/05/2014 - TDHN
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Mission Valley, Fremont, CA.

I posted the following in Yelp, too.

We sold our house in Mission San Jose, Fremont, and Timothy was my agent. My experience with his staffs and Timothy was way beyond my expectations.


To begin with, we interviewed several other agents before Timothy, but they didn't seem to meet our needs. When I talked with him, Timothy clearly explained his plan how to sell my house and timeline. He owns his own real estate company and has own staffs to take care A to Z in buying and selling properties. After initially looking around my house, he suggested to fix one outdated bathroom and repaint interior which cost to us less than $10,000. He also suggested when we should put our house on the market. We followed his instructions.

After little renovations, his company sent house cleaners, staging agents, and gardeners to prepare our house for sale. His office staffs ran like a well-oiled machine. Those services by Timothy were for FREE! Every single process was right on schedule.

When we put our house on the market, our house immediately became very popular. Without his suggestion on little renovation, we wouldn't have received that much attractions. We ended up receiving more than 20 offers!

After selling my house, our search for new home was delayed. He negotiated with buying agent and new buyer and got one month free rent back and another month rent back in a half price.

I truly enjoy working with hard-working, competent person. For some reason, it seems to be getting more difficult to find that kind person in most business transactions. But Timothy stood out. He is willing to go the extra mile to do things right. He will work FOR YOU, period.

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend him for any real estate transactions.

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02/16/2014 - ArathiSeshan
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $900K in Cameron Hills, Fremont, CA.

Timothy is one of the most patient, sincere and dedicated individuals and is an excellent realtor to have on your side, whether you are a buyer or a seller. He helped me buy my house recently and is an excellent negotiator, very adept at helping to make compromises and sealing the deal, thus making the home buying process for the seller and the buyer very seamless.

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12/30/2013 - annnarayan
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $3.125M in Pleasanton, CA.

It is with gratitude and appreciation we write this acknowledgement of Timothy Crofton’s services. We were in a unique situation where we had to sell our house in order to purchase our dream home. This challenging and difficult set of transactions required an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable real-estate professional. After some research and recommendations from others we decided to engage the services of Timothy Crofton. Besides his reputation and experience, Timothy Crofton has a unique way of marketing properties for quick sale and to get you the best value. He has a team of interior designers, contractors, landscapers, cleaners, staging crew and movers who professionally prepare the property for marketing. The team did such a spectacular job that our property was sold in less than 2 weeks and it brought us an attractive value. The quick sale of our property put pressure on us to finalize the contract on our new home. This is where Timothy Crofton’s experience, knowledge and professionalism helped us tremendously. He was able to get the contract executed in a timely manner and the escrow closed as expected. Managing two transactions simultaneously for one client may be difficult for most people but Timothy Crofton and the professional Escrow coordinator made sure that the transaction went smoothly. While the escrow coordinator did an excellent job of keeping us abreast of the transactions, Timothy Crofton also communicated on regular basis by phone and emails at each step of the process. Our special thanks and appreciation to Timothy Crofton for going out of his way to make sure that we got our Dream home. Timothy Crofton will always be our realtor of choice, and based on our own experience, we highly recommend him to others to consider his services. Narendra and Ann Narayan

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