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Full Service Central Florida Property Management. Specializing in Single Family Homes for rent, Townhouses for rent and Condos for rent in Seminole, Orange, and West Volusia Counties of Central Florida.

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Licensed and Insured Vendors
Tenant Screening on Every Adult Applicant, to include
Eviction Search, Criminal Background, Residential Verification, References, Employment Verification, Credit History, Check Writing Ability and Social Security fraud alerts. Qualifying the right tenant through the right procedure makes a difference
And so much more.
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- Will never recommend
04/14/2013 - user1217381
We connected, but it did not work out.
Tina is managing a property outside of her County for an investor ( I know this because I know the person who lives next door to the rental property ), this property is located in a middle class, desireable neightborhood, for schools and affordablity.

Upon finding this home on Zillow, I call Tina, it was a Saturday, I did not get a phone call back it took 4 hours. When she did call back she was unable to show the property till Sunday. We made an appointment to view the inside for Sunday however we stopped by and looked in the windowns.

WE KNEW IMMEDIATLY we wanted this property. Without walking through it. SO I called Tina, of course there was no answer. So I texted the telephone she had called back from. She said I could go to the website and print out the application. I could give her a $50 dollar deposit per adult and a good faith deposit on Sunday.

So, I went to the website, and when I got there, I printed out the application, I searched the page, learn more about this company. Upon doing so I learned the following information.

1. When you pay $50 per adult, & give a good faith deposit it MEANS NOTHING... Your deposit is nonrefundable ( like most companies ) HOWEVER they do not work on the first come first serve basis.

2. You, and 6 other families could fill out and pay the application fees and good faith deposit, and they descide who gets the home.

3. You do not recieve your "good faith deposit" back. THe company will try to match you with another property in which they manage.

Upon reading these things I was very concerned!! SO I texted Tina again, asking if we turned this application in and paid her $100 dollars plus my good faith deposit ( one months rent ) were they still accepting other applications as well. Her answer was YES..

I expressed my concern how would I know if I was chosen if they were accepting multiple applications and who makes the determination on who gets the home. Tina said it wasn't her, she had no control over who got the home.

My husband and I declined to "gamble" with $100 not knowing. We are use to the custom first come first serve way of business. The property manager collects your application fee, within 24 hours they ( the Property Manager ) lets you know if you are approved, and if for some reason you are NOT approved they will see what can happen to make it work.


THey will take your money and application, and the person after you and the person after that, they have no cut off. They could collect up to $600 in application fees before they deem someone acceptable.

Let me also add, that I recieved 2 phone calls back after leaving the message on Saturday morning to view this property. Tina call back first, but I also recieved another call from a different agent for Legends around 3pm and another one around 6pm. SO the property is shown and applications accepted by MULTIPLE AGENTS AS WELL!!!

Tina knows how I feel, as I wrote her a long text message. I don't know how they do business in Orange County but here in Volusia County we are HARD WORKING MIDDLE CLASS HONEST INDIVIDUALS.. Tell these people UP FRONT that they are not the only people applying for this house at one time so they can make a decision that is best for them. Disclose that the good faith deposit will not be returned right away. Some families NEED that good faith deposit in order to rent a different home. Let them know that it is not LEGENDS REALTY does not make the decision on who gets the home she doesn't know who does ( or so she claims ).

Its always been my experience that a Property Manager knows exactly what an owner expects and wants in tenants. A Property Manager is aware that the owner would want a family a exceptional renal history,or a couple looking for a long term rental & lease.

I FEEL for these family's that applied for this house and I know it was many, as its rare a redone home pops up at that price in that neightborhood. I find it DISCUSTING that a company would be this greedy and extort money from hard working family. All because of "fine print".


Legends Realty, Tina , you should be ashamed of yourselves. In this economy, families forced to have to rent homes because they lost their own, and taking advantage of them by charging so much money for the application fees and your business practices are bogus and JUST WRONG.. Someone should call the news WESH or WFTV.... Someday, someone will.

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Response from Tina on 04/26/2013
To view our Residential Selection Criteria form and Application in its entirety please visit and feel free to contact me directly. In brief: Multiple Applications – Applicant acknowledges it is entirely possible that Legends Realty may receive multiple applications from unrelated individual applicants on the same property at approximately the same time. However, only one will eventually be approved. All application fees are Non-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have, without payment of an additional application fee. The “GOOD FAITH DEPOSIT” shall be refunded only if applicant is not approved. I am happy to read that numerous members of the leasing department reached out to assist in offering a showing appointment as it was not me you were directly communicating with.


- Will never recommend
03/16/2013 - user5187035
Helped me rent a home.
PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! This company is a total scam. We needed to rent a property as soon as possible. We honestly took care of the house like if it were ours, Maintained it clean and everything working properly. At the end of the term lease, they did an inspection which we are not allowed to assist. They took half of the deposit stating that the house was not clean. First, they stated that there was a kool aid stains which is a complete lie because we don't even drink kool aid. We even ordered the rug to be cleaned professionally, which was a total of $90, the whole rug. They charged us almost $100 for one "stain". I returned the key early; yet due to the rain the lawn grew and so they charged me because the lawn had grown. To my understanding if I return the key I am no longer responsible. They also charged $220 to clean candy rapers. I believe they must have done this on purpose. The house was not super clean when we first moved in There were dead roaches in every corner. Yet I did not complain since we had already moved in. Also there were some repairs that needed to be done but never took place. Excessive charges, lies, Scamers is all I got to say. I could have sued but at that time I was going through a lot of health issues. Believe me I am not the only one. Do your research before doing business!!!!!!!!!!! Dont just take my word for it.... Always check the credentials, seek the business reviews, check the BBB, just research!  MoreLess
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Response from Tina on 04/22/2013
Decisions to impose claims against a tenants security deposit is not an easy process. Legends Realty thoroughly documents each property before, during and after each occupancy with video, digital pictures, bi annual property reviews, written reports and communication with the owner. Once we receive a notice to vacate from the tenant we forward a move out packet to assist them in retaining as much of their security deposit as possible. Like I said the process is not easy, all of the documentation has to be reviewed, the legal process followed and at times claims are made. This is the toughest part of being a Professional Property Management Company.


- Highly likely to recommend
12/23/2013 - kbordwin58
Helped me find a tenant for a home I own.
I work with 150-200 Realtors each year as an agent at my company that owns properties nationwide and the team at Legends Realty, including Tina, are by far the best realtors I have ever conducted business with. I would recommend them to my family and friends.
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