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Does upgrading electrical power into my home from 100amps to 200amps increase the value of my home?


There is no resale value figure you can add to this during the course of trying to sell your home.  Most homes running on 100amp with be sufficient, however there are homes  with added amenities that will require 200 amps of power.  Do keep in that mind that frequent "tripping" of the breakers is not an indication of needing to upgrade your panel.  This occurs usually when there is an overload on a single circuit.  Remedy this by adding more breakers and bringing in additional circuits.  Good luck

i need to know how many homes per block in the city of cerritos ca


One of two ways to find out, either call the City of Cerritos directly at (562) 860-0311 or visit them at the following address:Cerritos City Hall Cerritos Civic Center 18125 S. Bloomfield Avenue Cerritos, California 90703My recommendation is to go down to Cerritos City Hall and inquire directly.  Clerks are most helpful when you are there in person with them.  Depending on the zoning ordinance of a particular area of Cerritos, this will dictate how many homes per block.  Give them an address of a home on that block and they can tell you on a plot map, how many homes are located on that block. 

What should I do to make my home more saleable?


Seymour, is a small historic town with a population of no more than 20,000 residents.  I would first find out who the local realtor is and definitely consult with him or her.  Their opinion will be critical in determining what buyers are most concerned about.  The realtor will suggest spending about $200/$250 for a good property inspector.  This inspector will itemize issues that will be of concern.  From this list that he makes, have him prioritize the items that needs immediate attention.  Then find a local general contractor that could give you prices on those items that need repairs.  With your budget in mind, and the advice of the area realtor, decide which should get the fund and the fix.  Good Luck. 

Has anyone tried a 3rd party contractor finder service? If so, how did it go?


I have never tried a 3rd party contractor finding service.  I have, however, was a contractor utilized by a contractor finding service.  From my perspective it was not favorable long term arrangement for me.  Service Magic and United Home Improvement are two companies I know of.  Service Magic generates leads for contractors, they then sell it to 3 contractors working in the same field in one area.  Once a homeowner makes a inquiry about needing a contractor, the information gets forwarded to the three contractors that paid Service Magic to get listed.  Then all three contractors hastily call the homeowner in hopes that he or she is the first one to respond.  "IF" the lead is a good lead then the first contractor to respond will get the "CHANCE" to go out to the home and give the homeowner an estimate.  This is not a review site.  I would try Yelp and check local contractor reviews.  License, workman's comp, insurance is a must.  This went into affect middle of last year.  If your home is 1978 or older, then they must be certified by the EPA to handle lead base paint.  Good luck

Permit required ?


Palm Harbor is govern by Pinellas County.  According to them it is required to get a permit for something as simple as a single wall addition.  The purpose for the permit is to ensure that the wall construction is built according to code.  On the construction of a wall with doors, they will want to see the stud members spaced properly and correct framing of the doors openings.  Uniform Building Codes are in place to protect the health and safety of the occupants.  You can be a contractor and know everything there is to this project, however the county does not know that until they issue you a permit and perform an inspection.  This type of work will require what they call a "combo" inspection.  They will check the rough frame at the first stage. They will skip checking the insulation inspection because this is an interior wall.  Then drywall inspection is done at the last phase.  Keep this in mind, after permitting this project, the home can be considered a 3 bedroom house legally and not a 2 bedroom house.   For resale, this is a plus if the area desires 3 bedroom homes. 

we own a 5 plex apt. building and would like to convert it to a 4 plex, who would document changes?


Most folks looking to do this are doing so in hopes of getting out of their commercial loan at a high interest rate and into a residential loan with a lower interest rate.  This is a great idea.  Ultimately you are trying to get the legal description of the property changed from from a 5 unit complex to a 4 unit complex.  Which will then allow you to get financing for a residential loan at a low interest rate.  You first have to locate the City Hall of that particular city.  Best way and most accurate is to open up the Thomas Guide.  City Hall has different departments that provides services to the area.  One of the departments is called Planning and Land use.  This is where you start.  They will help you to determine if your project will meet their zoning guidelines.  It is very probable that it will, nonetheless, perform this step anyways.  Planning and Land use works closely with the Building Dept.  The Building Dept will issue you a permit for construction after you have submitted "approved" plans for the project.  What I would do first is inquire from multiple lenders about refinancing from a commercial loan to a residential loan and find out if there are possible complications.  Good Luck

Can anyone share info on plumbing?


Bay Terrace of San Diego is the 92139 area, also known as Paradise Hills.  There is a lot of homes in this area constructed with qest/polybutylene water piping, most of which were done in the 80's thanks to Shell oil.  Class action lawsuit was brought against the company, to which there was money allocated for the retrofit of homes with the pipe present.  There are some conditions that exist for you to qualify.  When the leak occurred and meeting the timeline for filing are two of the criteria. Funds have been fully distributed.  Houses built during this time frame also had another type of plastic piping uses for the drain/waste/vent system.  This piping was commonly called ABS.  Which stands for acrylonitrile butyadiene styrene.  The common problems sourcing from this plastic product would be cracks developed at the seems of fittings.  During the fast pace construction of these homes, the ABS fittings were installed in a fashion to where they are stressed.  Over time, the stress of the fittings would develop a crack in the pipe.  Secondly some manufacturers of this product developed a lower grade of ABS pipe.  This pipe also crack in a circumference fashion near the fitting. 

the hot water in my kitchen takes a long time to come out; but in the bathrooms, they come out fast.


This is a typical complaint from most homeowners that have a water heater in the garage and the kitchen is at the far side of the home.  There is a solution to this.  There is a retrofit pump and bypass system called a Grundfos Comfort system.  This unit comes with a pump, a bypass valve, and 2 stainless steel hoses.  Here is how it is installed.  You first install the pump on the top of the water heater on the hot/discharge side with the arrow of the pump pointed to the top then plug in the cord to an outlet.  The pump has a dial for which you will need to set the time it is and the time for which you want the valve to circulate.  Whatever your peak hours of water usage is at the sink, set the unit to go off at least 30 minutes before.  Next, you need to get under the kitchen sink and disconnect the single hot and cold tubing to the kitchen faucet.  You will notice that the bypass valve has four ports all 1/2inch iron pipe thread.  Connect the hot 1/2inch tube from the angle stop to the left side of the bypass valve, then connect one of the stainless steel hoses from the bypass valve to the hot side of the kitchen faucet.  Do the same to the cold side.  In the ideal situation, all the old parts connecting to the new parts goes together without creating other problems.  Why did I just do all of this?  Here is the answer:  when the pump is preset to circulate stagnant water, it will move lukewarm water from the hot side towards the cold.  The one negative to this whole thing is that you will get a slight bit of warm water in the cold side after this unit circulates.  Here are the positives:  rather instant hot water at the kitchen, since this loop has hot water the wait time for other fixtures on this line now is shorter, your water bill will be reduce because you are not wasting water while waiting.  Good Luck