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Loan denied - after 39 days, 800+ credit score, HOA litigation


Hi, You should look online for a loan company that will write a loan for a condo development in litigation. There are some out there. As for the charges for the first loan, you or your agent could try to get the money back but it will be difficult. Good luck

Trying to get a loan at 75


If you would like a contact for a loan in the San Jose area, please let me know. You should qualify and your age is not a consideration. Regards,

Question on how zillow assigns home values!


Prices can swing based on the recent sales nearby, but also considered is age, square footage, yard size and features like garage, outbuildings, and upgrades. Also considered is if the specific home has sold recently and tax valuations.. If you want a real analysis, please furnish your street address and I'll do a specific market analysis.