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03/25/2015 - user9701433
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 in Austin, TX.

I found Tom Rott on Zillow. His many plaudits on this site and other sites are richly deserved. I've dealt with many real estate agents over the years and I can confidently say Tom is the best there is.

He's the consummate professional and always goes the extra mile to assist you. He's patient and an absolute pleasure to work with. We always looked forward to his emails as they were always detailed, thoughtfully compiled and helped us understand every leg of the process in plain and simple terms. He works for you even after the closing...checking in, reminding us about household upkeep etc. I've never seen any agent do that! Research no more - just hire him!

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12/27/2014 - gnattie12
Bought a home in 2014 in Carl, TX 78747.

Tom was able to help us find a rental home when we first moved to Austin and then helped up find our home when we were ready to buy. He made everything easy for us along the way. We had SO many questions during our moving process and purchasing process and he answered them in a VERY quick manner and in great detail. With every answer he gave he would also give reasoning as to why that was the answer and that made us feel very informed and empowered.

Tom was great in every aspect. He was very respectful toward us and our decisions and our wants and desires. He cared about us and genuinely wanted us to be happy. He made the home buying process enjoyable and fun.

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11/03/2014 - roberthamner3
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Austin, TX.

Tom was great. He quickly figured out exactly what we were looking for, was patient when what we thought we wanted turned out to not be what we wanted, and was willing to help with multiple things post-sale that he was under no obligation to help with. He was also very quick to respond and never harassed us about anything.

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10/29/2014 - martyjiminez
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Round Rock, TX.

Our dealings with Tom started around 2009 when we wanted to sell our house in Round Rock. Tom was professional, courteous, knowledgeable about the area and the market, and provided excellent advise. We were unable to sell our house, at that time, but Tom provided excellent assistance and advise in renting our home until the market picked back up. We rented our home for a little over 3 years, and Tom not only helped find the right tenants, but also served as our point of contact In helping find contractors, etc. His services were extremely valuable to us, and his advise over the years unmeasurable. My wife passed away last year, and when I wanted to sell the home, I don't know what I would have done without Tom's advise, guidance, and expertise. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to deal with numerous real estate agents, and without hesitation, Tom is head and shoulders above all of the rest. In my opinion, Tom is not only the best Real Estate Agent I have ever worked with, but one of the finest people you can ever met.

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10/25/2014 - user66768879
Bought a Condo home in 2014 in Austin, TX.

If I could use only one word to describe Tom Rott, it would be PROFESSIONAL, in every sense of the word.

We chose Tom from the Zillow reviews because he was a 5-star local specialist. He was the THIRD agent that we met. The first one was introduced to us by a friend, and the second one was also a 5-star Zillow agent. However, we were not able to connect with the previous two after we met them in person.

The first day that I called Tom and talked to him, he asked me a few questions about our intentions and ideal home that we are looking for. After we hung up, he immediately sent me an email that recapped our conversation, and included the online search link based on our criteria and also provided us with a detailed schedule of his availability for our first meeting during following 10 days. Being so organized and responsive, we were highly impressed with Tom and expected him to be the agent that we were looking for. After our first meeting with him, we felt very comfortable with him helping us find our new home.

He asked us about our preferred method of contact, which was email, and he always contacted us by email unless in emergency/time-sensitive situations where we were in contact by phone call or text.

Here are his most significant characteristics:

(1) PATIENT: I am the type of person that wants to research all the aspects of the subject thoroughly before taking any action, whether it is buying a cell phone case, or buying a home! Also, as a first time home buyer, I was very skeptical of each step of the process. I knew that although I am going to research every question or concern that I have thoroughly on the internet, I also want to work with an agent that I feel comfortable asking him all those questions and I feel that he is knowledgeable and willing to answer all those questions without any pressure. I asked him lots and lots of questions about each property and sent him tens of emails with questions and questions, but he patiently replied to all my emails in a timely manner with detailed responses.

We are also very fastidious and meticulous and therefore, we expected our buying experience to take a lot more than other people. It took us about 7 months to find the home that fits all our rigorous measures and we saw around 15 homes in person during this time and we never felt any pressure or displeasure from Tom.

(2) KNOWLEDGEABLE, THOROUGH and COMPREHENSIVE: As I said above, He was responding to all of my emails in a timely manner and I cannot emphasize enough that how THOROUGH and COMPREHENSIVE all of his responses were. In answering my questions, not only Tom addressed my concerns, but also looked at things from all angles and brought to light ideas and information that wouldn't always be at the top of my list to think about, which leads to a more comfortable decision making process.

As an example, I can remember once I asked a quick question about a foreclosed property that became available on the market, and he got back to me writing about TWO full pages of email explaining the foreclosed properties, their buying process, the typical problems that we might encounter in that process, and other matters of concern that we should be aware of. He also researched the history of that property or specific conditions of a special type of transaction for that property and explained their effect on us if we want to make that purchase. At the end, he made his recommendation regarding that type of purchase. I was really impressed with the level and quality of service that we received.

(3) MARKET-KNOWLEDGEABLE: Tom was a wealth of information and very knowledgeable about the market and advised us to make very wise decisions and provided solid guidance based on the market conditions. He always explained his strategy and the reasoning behind that.

(4) ORGANIZED: After we found our home and our offer was accepted, Tom sent us a checklist of all the people and professions that we needed to contact and also recommended excellent lenders, inspectors, and contractors. Also, after we were waiting for closing, he sent us another long checklist of things to go through well in advance, as we got close to our time to take ownership, like contacting HOA, setting up utilities, etc. with all the required contact info in one place.

(5) PROFESSIONAL: As for personal behavior, Tom has all the principles of professional behavior at its most, including responsibility, honesty, respect, and trust. We really enjoyed working with him and he set the bar of professional behavior very high (I can feel that in my work environment, as my expectations of professionalism are now much higher than before!)

We had the chance and pleasure of benefiting from his knowledge and skills and we would highly recommend Tom Rott to anyone looking for a real estate agent in Austin, TX.

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09/08/2014 - drvmds
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in The Hills, TX.

My husband and I were very happy with our experience with Tom. What particularly stood out with Tom was his calm and steady style. We had come across other real estate agents that were pushy and interacted through a high-pressure style. Yes we understand that Austin is a hot real estate market, but I do not need someone forcing me into a decision.

Tom worked with us for several months helping us mull over our options. He did not push us but at the same time he was very responsive to our inquiries and needs.

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09/07/2014 - masonheather
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Austin, TX.

My significant other and I worked with Tom this year to assist us in moving from MN to TX. It was a huge task requiring a lot of planning. Tom consulted with us and picked up on our preferences almost immediately. He was able to lead us to the neighborhoods that made sense for our lifestyle and long term goals. In addition, Tom educated us on real estate laws and market data so that we made the best decisions possible.

We found Tom to be funny, friendly, thorough and just an all around good guy. It was important to us to trust our realtor in this situation because he was our eyes and ears in many cases. Tom is a realtor we will keep for life and someone we consider a friend.

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06/17/2014 - trishmatus
Bought a home in 2014.

I can not say enough good things about the way Tom worked with my husband and I. I moved here first and my husband was still out of state. Tom was extremely knowledgeable about the different areas/counties that we were interested in and helped us hone in what we were looking for. Everything we wanted to see he was prepared with all the information about that home in detail. We have never met a realtor that we trusted 100%. He understood the level of stress we were under still living in different states and was always patient with us. Before we closed on the house, Tom sent us details about who to contact to setup services, residency, mail... Tom always went above and beyond our expectations.

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05/19/2014 - benvogelzang
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Cedar Park, TX.

As a first time home buyer I was in need of an agent who could walk me through the home purchasing process and answer the many questions that I had. Tom exceeded my expectations. He was responsive, patient, helpful and knowledgable. I felt that he actually cared about my opinions and took them into account when showing me houses. When I had questions he would answer them to satisfaction and also include related information that I wouldn't have thought to ask about. It was obvious to me he was experienced and knew what he was doing. I couldn't be happier with the house I ended up with and I have Tom to thank for that. I would highly recommend him.

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04/19/2014 - zuser20140419164144524
Bought a home in 2014 in Walkerton, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

I initially chose Tom based on the reviews I read about him, and I write this in hope that it will encourage others to do the same. I will recommend Tom to any of my friends, and I wish I could offer more of a guarantee than just my word that you will feel the same.

After months of research on my own, I thought I was prepared to buy my first home and contacted Tom to assist me with the process. After an hour having coffee with him, I realized that this turned out to be the smartest decision I had made; I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know, and I would not have succeeded without his help.

After meeting Tom and describing what I was looking for, he compiled a list of properties to review within hours, and a few days later we were walking through the houses. I came to trust his opinions more than my own; I urged him to provide his own opinions of each property, and he was very thorough and honest with feedback. No matter how hard I looked at a house, Tom was always able to point out numerous things I had missed, whether benefits of a particular layout or concerning issues that would cost in maintenance later.

I learned that there is far more to choosing a house than the house itself; Tom’s local knowledge was far deeper than I expected any one person could possess. He was able to provide histories of individual neighborhoods in not only Ausin, but all of the surrounding communities. How is the commute to downtown, how are the schools, where are the closest retail centers… all of these are questions that Tom was able to answer without hesitation. He can even recommend some pretty amazing restaurants :)

Tom showed great patience throughout my property search. Every week, we spent several hours driving, from Kyle to Elgin to Leander. I definitely had issues making decisions on properties, and he never pressured me, only providing constructive feedback to help me through the process. With the fast-paced market, we went several weeks with failed offers. The process was stressful and hectic, but Tom calmly led me through it.

Thanks to Tom’s advice and preparation, the loan approval and closing process was a piece of cake. He was able to quickly help me through the few surprises that came up.

I thought closing would be the end, but Tom knew it wouldn’t be. He has continued to stay in touch and make sure things are going well for me. For the past month, he has continued to answer all of the questions that pop up. When I decide to sell or buy again, I hope Tom is available because I can’t imagine anyone else providing comparable service.

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