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09/19/2014 - scotty837
Sold a home in 2014.

We just finished building a house and Tony was the thread that held everything together. His expertise and ability to handle issues with the builder and banker were intricate part in allowing us to own our dream home. We would recommend him to ANYONE that needs assistance buying or building their new home!

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05/29/2014 - zuser20140529221228998
Listed, but didn't sell my home in 2012.

When we wouldn't drop another 2k in our final value, after already dropping 20k for the couple that wanted to buy our house, he got really defensive and sent us nasty emails and left us nasty messages because we had hit our bottom on what we were willing to offer. I would NEVER recommend him. We dropped the deal and him and went with another real estate agent who sold our home in good time. DO NOT recommend, unless you like dealing with a completely selfish person who doesn't care about you, just about his money.

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08/04/2012 - user1477544
Sold a Single Family home in 2009 for approximately $175K in Sioux Falls, SD.

Tony knocked on my door one day and asked me if I wanted to sell my house to a near by business. I had just gotten up from a nap and was kind of out of it so I blew him off. After talking to my neighbors a couple months later they told me that I had to call this guy back, so I did. Best thing that ever happened to me. Tony helped us get a good price for our old house and worked really hard in getting us into our current house for a very fair price. I was very honest with him on what we could afford and gave him a very specific price/payment amount. He totally respected that and never pushed us to spend a dollar more. In fact, he got us what we wanted for $10k less than the max I told him we would spend. Tony is just a good, honest , down to earth person that I'm glad I met, and if I ever decide to move, he's my guy.

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