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Over or underestimated homes in Ventura


I know this is very frustrating but don't think the banks are taking the zillow estimates to hart. They due there own appraisals to come up with a real value. Zillow estimates can be manipulated very easily and shouldn't be looked at as the final word on value. If you want to get a better idea of value on your property take a look at the average kick out the high and lows out and you'll get a better idea. If you need a better idea of value do to proof of value for a loan mod or sale I would encourage you to get an appraiser.If you continue to have a problem feel free to contact me

Why is a house in Carson, CA market value is said to be $400,000, only a couple of 2 house for price


 If you mean why is the property value at 400k when there has only been two sales at this price. It could be a variety of reasons. One could be that the property in question is much like the two previous sales or they are larger than properties sold at a lesser price, or the owner or entities claiming these properties have made some adjustments to the information used to calculate the value of the property

What is the hoa?


HOA stands for "Home Owners Association" their the entity that controls the funds that are collected for services in maintaining the condo, townhome or gated community complex. they are also the entity that enforces the rules a regulations of the complex.