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Why do I need a realtor?

1) It's a free service to the buyer.2) Why worry about so many other things like paperwork, deadlines, calling other agents, getting inspections done, finding experts, negotiating, getting into the home, setting appointments, finding a lawyer, paying a lawyer, ensuring you haven't missed a step and potentially becoming a liability?3) The less time you have to worry on those things, the more time you have to focus on what should be relevant to YOUR role on your adventure. You can really focus on what type of home you want and have other people do the work for you.  4) What are the advantages of not having a Realtor on your side and doing it yourself? - None that I can think of. I personally appreciate it very much when my clients appreciate the work I do for them.  
February 01 2012

I have a FICO score of 556 and my husband of 590 any hope

You should always try no matter what.  I completely understand how you feel thinking that you may undergo some humiliation. That's not going to be the case. We usually picture the worst case scenario and let time pass and don't end up doing anything about it.  You should push yourself to apply for a loan.  Remember, the more you know, the more control you have.  At the very least, you'll walk away knowing what you need to do to increase your score and you WILL be able to own your home very soon.There are very good programs that help you raise your credit score, so don't give up on your dream!  
January 16 2012