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Realtor trust


Ultimately, you are the buyer.  It is your money and credit that is being invested.  You, the buyer alone will have to make the ultimate determination of value.  If you don't have the confidence or capability to do so, then maybe you should not be buying.  A very important realization that American home buyers have learned over the last few years is, BUYING A HOME HAS RISKS.  If you are working with an agent that in obvious in their attempts to stear you to their own listings or obvious in stearing you away from other listings that otherwise appeal to you; get a new agent.Other than that, the net gain to an agent for moving you slighly up in your price range or Not negotiating tough enough is so nominal, agents rarely do that.  Most agents do take pride in negotiating the best price for their clients.Now agents representing both the buyer and seller in a transaction is tricky and I recommend you avoid that. 

Do not time the market? Why are realtors saying this now after a decade saying the opposite?


One of the interesting realities to become apparent as result of this amazing downturn in the resisdential market has been the recognition that there is very little intelligent and objective resisdential market analysis. In an enviroment where all analysis is provided by salesmen, bearish sentiments are always shouted down by the bulls.  Stand up as I did in 2006 and suggest the market was becoming overheated and see what the reaction is.  Still today I take heat from my colleagues when I suggest this bust is not yet over.  Consumers would be wise to recognize that Realtors are not analyst, they are salesmen.It is both foolish and a little unfair to expect someone whose income depends on sales, right now, today, this month, to provide "advice" that is not driven by that fact.I do a great deal of consulting and analysis for various entities.  In those cases I charge an upfront fee and usually exempt myself from representing the property later.And secondly, in most of those cases I am being asked to not simply determine the current value, but where I expect the value to go and along what timeframe.  This type of analysis goes far beyond multipling sqft x "X."Under a typical setting, Realtors are always going to say, "there's never been a better time to buy."  It is a nationwide marketing campaign slogan today and it was said five years ago and will be said by those same voices for years to come, no matter where the market really is or where it is headed.

Is it a good time to buy Real Estate?


Kudos to Chad J for an honest answer. Generally, when it comes to RE Agents, it's ALWAYS a good time to buy.  At the very least, the fact is that this is not your last best chance to buy.  And many signs point to this market going lower... maybe a lot lower.The best lesson from this mess is the understanding that the real estate market is not one void of risk.  Clearly there were risk in the market from '03 - '08 and there are still risk today.Always know this, for agents there are no risk as long as you close and they get paid.  Therefore for agents, now is always the best time to buy!

how to look for a realtor


Buying or Selling?  They can be different.  First and foremost, look for an agent most interested in your best interest.  A listing agent who's efforts are greater concentrated in selling YOUR property than using your property to lure buyers to work with them.  A buyer's agent who's greatest interst is finding what you want at the best price possible. 

Tips For Broker Open Houses


First I must admit that I generally find Broker/Agent Open Houses a complete waste of time. I have NEVER sold a home as a result of an AOH. They basically only serve to feed the area's laziest agents a bite to eat (and of course, to persued your owner that you're actually trying something to sell their home).  In my experience, it is rare when any one of the area's top 100 agents show up at an Agent Open House.That said, I have found that morning AOH's tend to attract an more productive class of agents.I have also had "success" in hosting invitation only evening (5-7pm) events with a little bit of booze. (note: success in attendance, never success in selling thru an AOH)One other hint, if you ever have the chance, take a client to an agent open house.  Every agent in the house will gang up on 'em and tell them to buy.  Agents can't help it, it's in their blood.