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Referrals and relocations


Hi Dan:My team can cover any referrals in the Mobile Bay area of Alabama.  Our cities are the bedroom community to Mobile, Alabama. [content removed by moderator for being self promotional] 

Are homeowners unrealistic about their selling price?


Today, sellers do know that the market is tough, but they do not want to accept it.  Upfront, the seller's main line is "I do not want to leave money on the table" or "I do not want to give my house away".  As the seller sits and waits for a buyer, money is evaporating.  If the seller would price properly at the beginning, time on the market would shorten.  The conditon of the house is so important, but sellers do not want to spend the money.  In our market, we have so few buyers therefore sellers must make their home stand out in the overcrowded world of real estate with price and condition.