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how do i list my home for sale


To answer your question, to list your property for sale you need to sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent. The listing agreement gives the agent the right to advertise your home for sale and spells out the terms under which you are willing to sell it. If you would like more information on selling without being pressured, just let me know. I'm here to help.Take care,Troy Trumm

how can i find comps for my house


There are a few ways to get comps. You can get them through the county, a website, or a Realtor. 1. If you are in Douglas county, their assessor's website as a search function that will display recent sales in your area. 2. You can do a search through Zillow for sold properties or you can visit my website,, and use the InstaCompare search to find homes sales in your area.3. You can contact a Realtor. This will provide the most useful information since comparables can be screened not just by area, but also style, age, quality, etc.If you are interested in what your home is worth and would like to speak to me about it, please call me at 402-943-9494.Take care,Troy Trumm  

Does this House have a Basement?


This house does not have a basement. It is built on a concrete slab as opposed to a foundation.Take care,Troy Trumm

What do you mean by a "non-conforming bedroom"?


Building code says that a below-grade (downstairs) bedroom must have an egress window or a door leading directly outside. The last time I checked, building code does not require a closet.Take care,Troy Trumm

I don't see the asking price for this house. Could you tell me what it is


I'm surprised that no one has answered your question yet. Anyhow I looked up the property in the MLS. It was priced at $155,000 and sold in 15 days. In the future if you need to look up a property's price, you can do so at my website, www.TrummTeam.comTake care,Troy Trumm

how much are the utilities per month?


The easiest way to find out what utilities are on a house is to call the utility companies and ask. Sometimes you will get an operator that says they cannot give out that information. If that happens, just call back later; chances are that you will get a different operator and they will give you the information. It has worked for me.

I want to make an offer for a house in New Jersey. I don't know within what % I should offer?


Your offer should be based on the value of the home not by a percent of the asking price. If the home is priced well then your offer should be closer to the asking price. If the home is overpriced, then obviously your offer would be lower. Basing your offer on a percent of the list price is a good way to either pay too much or to write an offer that is ridiculously low.