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01/19/2014 - AnnCouncil
Sold a home in 2013.

I volunteered to write a review for Tracee Denby because she did a first class job for us and we think she is an amazing person, too. I first met Tracee at Hickman Elementary school. In addition to raising two beautiful girls and working full time, she made the time to the be the president of the non-profit parent/teacher fundraising organization (PTO) for the school. I was always amazed at her dedication, her energy and her intensely positive attitude.

When my husband and I needed to hire a realtor, I immediately thought of Tracee. I actually didn’t know much about her experience as a realtor, but if she worked as a realtor with as much dedication as she ran the school’s PTO, I knew we’d be in good hands. And we were.

While Tracee would never admit it, my husband and I were not easy clients. We were intense, opinionated and insistent as to how we wanted to market our home. But Tracee is a professional. Not only did she appease our wants, but she would kindly offer new and unique suggestions that we would never have considered on our own. Together as a team, we sold our house for the price we needed.

When we went to purchase a new house, we knew Tracee would be the best one to help us again. Before we even closed escrow on our first house, she was working to negotiate and secure our new house. The world of escrow and home buying/selling was so new to us because we had bought our last home directly from a builder. However, Tracee helped us to navigate the system and feel confident about our decisions. When we had a question beyond her knowledge, she always knew who would know the answer. iNational, her recommended escrow company, was an absolute pleasure to deal with, as well. They were 40% less than all other companies and they even called me back on the weekend when the closing date was getting closer. The only stressful part of this whole process was leaving a home we loved. However, thanks to Tracee we moved into a new home we adore!

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01/19/2014 - marklsd
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $475K in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA.

From the moment I interviewed Tracee for the job as selling agent, I could tell that she was a no-nonsense, take charge kind of realtor. She proved me right immediately..Tracee guided me through the whole process in order to get my family the best price even though we sold during the slow season..She went as far as helping me on my many trips to Home Depot. What I liked most was her positive attitude and encouragement even when things were not looking good..Tracee actually kept our escrow going even when I was sure it would not survive. She worked many long nights negotiating for my family and was always just a phone call away...I highly recommend Tracee to anyone needing a realtor.

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11/08/2013 - mariko haaksma
Bought a home in 2013.

My husband and I were not only first time homebuyers in the States but had moved to the States only half a year ago when we started to search for a house. Hence, we had no clue about the local real estate customs and plenty of questions. Tracee was very patient with us and was straightforward about what knowledge she could share with us on the spot and what she needed to find out or confirm first. This we appreciated very much as we would rather wait a day or two than receive an unreliable answer. Tracee was always cheerful and went above and beyond, like coming out on weekends and spending long hours in the office after work especially when we were in the process of closing. You can tell that Tracee is thoughtful and has a good heart because even after the purchase of the house, she continues to care for her clients and she would offer her help wherever she can.

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10/15/2012 - user3451181
Bought a Single Family home in 2009 for approximately $350K in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA.

We met Suha our Mortgage Officer at a 1st time Home Buyers Class. Suha quickly got us pre-approved for a home loan within our budget. Now the next step, was for us to get a Real Estate Agent to start the search. Since we didn't have one yet, Suha recommend someone she knew. Trusting Suha, I had her friend and business partner, Real Estate Agent, Tracee Denby, give me us call. We hit it off on the phone right away. Tracee ended up being just as nice and friendly as Suha. Now "The Team" was complete. We had a mortgage person and an agent that were very warm, understanding and patient about getting my family not only into a house, but into our own home. The search began in early 2009. It was very, very challenging as our budget only allowed us to look at mainly distressed homes in the San Marcos, Mira Mesa and Poway, our areas of choice. We kissed many toads searching for our dream home, some I wouldn't have wished on my worse enemies. We were also constantly outbid by investors on many homes. But through it all both Suha and Tracee were very patient and I always felt both had our best interest in mind. After an 8 month search, Tracee was able to find a us our home in Mira Mesa. Luckily, Tracee has good relationships with other Realtors who enjoy working with her. She found out about a Short Sale that the buyer was falling out of. We put in an offer on it and we were able buy the beautiful home we happily live in now. Tracee and Suha are two of the most important people that every entered our lives. Although, home ownership is the biggest personal decision we have ever made, we feel that Tracee and Suha became lifelong friends and we would not hesitate to partner with both on our next home selling/purchase. Since they both have the same drive, compassion and caring for their customers, Tracee and Suha work very well as a team, always keeping their client's best interests in mind. This is a team that we are very glad we had in our corner when purchasing our home. We could never truly repay Suha or Tracee for helping us realize our dream of home ownership. We will always be forever grateful to them both.

Sincerely, Scott & Helen Moody

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09/27/2012 - AprilJoy4
Bought a home in 2011.

My husband and I were renting for about 2 years, we decided to own a house because we are getting tired of moving from one place to another. We found Tracee as our realtor to help us. Being a first time buyer, we have no idea what is the first step in finding a place. Tracee was able to help us every step of the way and goes above and beyond. She was knowledgable, polite and very professional. She would go extra mile, sometimes she would stay up late in her office just to accomodate our needs. In a very short time she was able to find us our first house. My husband and I were very happy we found her. I would recommend Tracee to my friends and family.

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08/13/2012 - ChrisMuirheadFanning
Bought a Single Family home in 2009 for approximately $475K in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA.

We were first time homebuyers and many realtors shy away from novices because of their persistent and often repetitive questions. Tracee was patient and helped us to understand the process and handled the many requests for showings despite an often frustrating and lengthy offer process.

Our price range meant that we had to shop for short sales, foreclosures, and fixers and Tracee was always honest about the kind of investment and value on the place considering the work required. She has a great network of handymen and contractors to make repairs.

I can honestly say that Tracee, unlike many realtors, is truly in her clients' corner. She does not want to just make a sale; she wants to make a family happy in their residence.

You can't go wrong with Tracee Denby. If you do, it's definitely your fault.

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06/27/2012 - user963904
Bought a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $325K in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA.

I have personally worked through her for 2 transactions in the last 5 years; she is extremely professional, goes out of her way to push/protect your interests. For my 1st interaction, it took me close to 1 year to find exactly what I wanted and she stayed with me the whole time. For my most recent interaction, not only did she ensure a flawless closing, she is also coordinating all the renovation work? ( she has an extremely good network- she found me a house before it even came on the market)

I highly recommend her Urmi Ray

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06/15/2012 - user690454
Sold a home in 2012.

Tracee was the best realtor I've ever worked with, and I have bought/sold many properties throughout my lifetime. She went over and above many times, even helping with packing up and painted when called upon! Through her agency, she was able to recommend very capapble contractors for jobs that needed to be done, such as painting the interior of the house, and installing granite countertops. She never tired of the necessary open houses and viewings which eventually brought in our buyer at a great price, given the marketplace. You can't go wrong with Tracee!

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06/14/2012 - user335515
Bought a Condo home in 2011 in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA.

We were located in LaPuente and wanted to be closer to our son in San Diego. It took three years but Tracee Denby stayed with us until we found an adequate condominium. I guess we're picky. She showed us virtually everything that came on the market in our price range and even though we took tons of time, she never got frustrated and was always cheerful and helpful. We set parameters and Trace tried as well as she could to fulfill those desires. Finally we found a place that has turned out to be better than we thought at first sight. It isn't luxurious but we didn't want luxury, we wanted comfort and that is what Tracee got for us. Wonderful woman. I'd use her again if we again needed property in San Diego

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