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Tracy Santrock- Raleigh-Cary Realtor wrote:

I sold my home in March. How do I unclaim it?

When you see your address to the left there is a flag button.  You can go to the left, submit the flag, and then check that you are unclaiming the property.
August 12 2009

I have been watching a home on Zillow, located at 3004 Heritage Pines, Cary, NC 27519. Why does the

I've sold several homes in Heritage Pines in the past year.  The last home sale for a single family home was 8/2008.  The increase in competition with Carolina Preserve homes now being sold has really put a significant amount of downward pricing pressure on these homes since they are a little older.I just sold the last new home in Heritage Pines.  We picked it up when K. Hovnanian dropped the price $50k overnight. 
April 02 2009
I've got 2 listings that I want to post on Zillow and the owners have already claimed the property.
How do I modify the listing w/my description and updated details?
April 02 2009
How do I add myself as the listing agent if the owner has claimed the property?
I've got 2 listings where the seller has modified the listing and I can't mark them for sell.  They went on the market yesterday
April 02 2009