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Is a bridge over the canyon going to be built in Brittany Forrest in Carmel Valley?


If I were you, I would go to the city building and planning to be sure, and see if there are any impact reports available. You should be able to see any documents relating to the bridge, including traffic flow changes, and pedestrian foot traffic expectations. It may or may not really affect the home you would like to buy.

Non-FHA mortgage loan after a short sale


Definitely other lenders will be interested in seeing what they can do for you. It never hurts to ask. I know some good lenders in the area if you are interested, shoot me an email.Good luck!

Zillow estimates


If they had it appraised recently, or it sold, that can trigger a price valuation change, based upon the new appraisal.

Rentals are limited....does that mean I have to buy?


Hi,You can check with a lender and see if you can get down payment assistance. There are grants and loans available. Also, if you take that, and possibly a decent tax return, you might be able to buy. Buying right now is a smart thing, if you can swing it, and you might be surprised to find that it might be more affordable than renting. Not to mention the tax break you get for home-ownership. What city are you moving to? Perhaps an attached home or town-home would be more affordable.

Full Service Agents


A full service agent will: price your property competitively (the most important part), help you stage your home properly, and communicate with the people who have the most qualified buyers (other agents!) by holding a local Broker Open House. A full service agent will do there best to qualify buyers before they take up your time looking at your home, and follow up with the buyer's agent for feedback. The feedback part is very important; most people will be complimentary about your home to your face, because people want to be nice. But with their own agent, they will let them know what they did, or didn't, like about your home. Your full service agent will go to bat for you, and your price, and negotiate the best possible terms for you. Also, when it comes to advertising, the full service brokerages pay BIG bucks to be sure anything they list spreads out to all of the big real estate websites, as well as to thousands of other local agent sites. Since most people are starting their search on the Internet, part of what you are paying for is the ability to get your home out to as many serious, qualified buyers as possible.Good luck in your agent search, and good luck in getting your home sold!