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06/29/2012 - user735832
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Denver, CO

Called about a rental with these guys. Brian I think was the guy's name.. Told the guy we had 3 pets which he said was more than their pet policy would allow, which is totally understandable.. there are a lot of bad pet owners out there.... That wasn't the problem. My problem is the guy was completely out of touch.

The guy tells me to call him back if one of my pets dies...Seriously... I couldn't believe he said this to me... That's like saying call me if one your kids dies. If this is how they talk to their tenants then I can't imagine renting from them to be very pleasant. I work in sales and this is no way to talk to a prospective client. If you're a home owner looking to use their service I would suggest using someone else, they obviously don't know how to train their sales people.
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