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Do I get earnest money back in short sale offer if no time contingency on addendum?

If you were pursuing a short sale, the earnest money, and I'm referring to how things would work in Oklahoma, would not be due until the bank accepts the offer.  So, if this is a deal that went from a regular deal to a short sale, you went from being in contract to not being in contract, so it seems that you should get your earnest money back whether you pursue this property or not.  Based on the information provided, this would be what I would expect.  You might have your agent contact the listing agent's broker and ask them to adjudicate.  Good luck.
October 25 2013

Existing Home Sales to be Revised Lower-Yun says Decrease will be "Meaningful"

Bad Algorithm, it's just a weak excuse for making a mistake.  Using the word algorithm makes it sound like it's not their fault but some obscure programmer.I like Jon Corzine's, I simply do not know where it is, referring to the 1.2 billion dollars, it's the most ridiculous answer.
December 14 2011

How can I change the square ft. the court house is incorrect

Dear Shortgirl,If you are planning to sell a home, in Tulsa it is acceptable to use the courthouse records as the basis for your home square footage or an appraisal.  So you may not have to change the courthouse records.It is quite common for the courthouse records to be off by several hundred feet, the home in question may have had qualified additions or the measurement may have been wrong to start with.  Consider a home selling for 100$/square foot being off by 200 square feet = $20,000.  Yes, that's right, it may be worth the effort to verify square footage.  Most appraisors offer a measure only service for +- $100.If you want to update the square footage on your home, you may want to have the appraisal that shows the discrepancy, call the Tulsa County Assessor's office (Real Estate Dept.) 918-596-5166 and schedule an appraisor to come out and remeasure.  I am told there is no charge for this service at present.  Good luck!
July 08 2009