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Property Management

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Los Angeles Property Management

RDM has been a leader in property management for over 30 years. Our experienced team is able to manage all aspects of the properties we manage.
Most companies offer less than full service, RDM offers 100% Full Service Property Management.
What is 100% Full Service?
We use a personal touch that influences every aspect of the client and tenant relationshipWe answer our hotline for late night emergenciesWe oversee and handle every repair on the properties we manageWe fill available vacancies quicklyWe are trained to manage difficult situations and problem tenantsWe know local laws and ordinances and keep up-to-date on changes to those regulationsIf you are a tenant looking for a well maintained place to live, start your search with our available properties.

Clients looking to have their income properties managed by our personalized service and 100% Full Service can visit our Client Specific section. Here you can learn more about what makes RDM Management unique and why we want to manage your property. We take the worries associated with owning income property off your mind and into our caring hands.
Los Angeles Property Management

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