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Can you do a short sale and not hurt your credit?


Your credit will be affected if the bank reports it to the credit bureaus.  Several lenders have told me that the best way to minimize the credit sting is to keep current all the way up until it closes, and pay all your bills on time after the short sale without having any slow pays.

how do you get a copy of the deed


The county, the closing attorney's office, or a title clerk should all be able to help you get a copy of the deed.

in Los Angeles, CA -- how do i decide where to buy a house to RENT OUT.


Sabrina,I would interview a couple Realtors who are experienced in rental homes, pick an area zoned for good public schools, and then look at rental values on comparable properties to get an idea if the #'s make sense for you.  I have a handful of rentals and have enjoyed the process/investment.