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Needing help buying a home with score below 600.


You asked a similar question about 9 months ago.  Credit scores should have improved in this time period... in theory.There are some Lenders in the OKC Metro area, who will loan on scores to 580, and I saw an ad or email for a Lender going to scores as low as 550.  I do not remember their name.Look-up & call companies like Prime Lending, Executive Lending, Colonial Mortgage and/or Supreme Lending. They may be able to help you, provide advice on how to bump your scores and/or direct you to a company geared to your needs.  There are others out there.  You just gotta find em!Best of luck!

Why did you lower my Zestimate so much?


Zillow has a "top secret" algorithm for Zestimates, and the last person who spilled the beans is living "in a van down by the river", (Saturday Night Live spoof)!Seriously, please do not be concerned with your Zestimate, but concerned with how your home rates with MLS and/or appraisal data. We rarely have a home sell for it's Zestimate.  We also instruct Buyers to reference the Zestimate as a reference point only, and not the rule.  Same with a county's assessment of "market value". Typically you WANT that number low...Stay calm and keep your chin up! Best of luck!

How much are seller's closing costs?

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In Canadian County, typically average $1500. Closing fee, doc stamps, abstract, UCC, MIC, release of mortgage, filing release, wire fees, etc.

How much is my home's value


What is the address and we can send you a no-obligation CMA? Contact us through our profile.