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08/29/2014 - mdlichliter
Listed, but didn't sell my home in 2014.

Ulysess began as our property manager and we were very happy with him. I even recommended him for our friend, who ended up selling her house through him. Time came for us to put our house on the market and he let our listing fall to the wayside. Literally. He let our listing fall off the MLS for over a week and then continued to pressure us to continue renting our property. Thank goodness my husband had the presence of mind to contact another realtor for advice, who in turn actually sold our house for us. If you want to rent your home, he's one of many options. Want to sell your home, look elsewhere.

Response from Realtor is 100% inaccurate and I have text messages to prove this. We never had negative run-in's with our tenant, until our home was listed for sell. We actually had a good standing relationship with her. Also, my husband stated to Realtor he wanted the home listed by June 1st, home was NOT listed by June 1st. It was listed 2 weeks after June. And it was NOT a new MLS, he just renewed the pre-existing MLS. Which made our home look like it was on the market for 376 days. AND tenant moved out at the end of June, so house was completely empty for over a month, before we found new representation. Also, he told us if we wanted to "write up" something for the listing, to email it to him. The listing HAD fallen off the market and he did NOT bother to inform us until a week later, via text! That same day, we spoke with our "Selling Agent" for advice and she informed us, since he allowed the listing to fall of the MLS, we were longer contractually obligated to him. We spoke with his Broker before even speaking with him, to make sure we would be in the clear. The SAME DAY Ulysses informed us that the listing wasn't on the market, my husband contacted him, letting him know we were taking our business elsewhere. At that time, he mentioned "how relieved he was, because his rental properties were taking up all his time and that we should contact UNNAMED realtor, from ANOTHER COMPANY" not one under his own brokerage. After our experience, I decided to write a review, as I base several decisions upon online reviews. My original review left details out, because I was not being hateful or spiteful, again, all correspondence was via text and we have the text messages to prove this.

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Response from Ulysess on 09/06/2014

NOT TRUE. Here are the facts. I managed owners property, gave them outstanding service. At the end of the lease owner ask me to sell their home, but explained to me that that money was tight and they could only list the home for 45 days. Signed a 45 day day listing agreement with the plan to rent it again after 45 day was up. After 45 days home was still not sold and listing expired on MLS. I spoke with client and ask them if they wanted to continue to try to sell their home or rent it again. They stated they wanted to continue to try to sell the home so we listed the home again the MLS. A couple of days later client called asked me if they could be released from their contract to go with another company. I told them it was fine, there was no pressure from me to have them continue to rent with our company. Note: For the first 30 days of the 45 day contract there was a tenant occupying the home who would not let me show the home because of past dealings with the owner.