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Anyone offer a 80/10/10 on a Jumbo?


Yes I am based in Franklin and work for a large national lender.  We have 80-10 loans that could help as well as one loan to 90% with No PMI.  Please contact me if you are still looking for assistance and we can have a quick chat to review options.  Thank you!

Looking for a jumbo mortgage option that allows for 10% down with No PMI.

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Hi Rachel, My company, Guaranteed Rate, is aligned with several investors that offer 10% down no PMI  for this exact scenario.  We also can offer an 80-10 Combo Loan where the first mortgage is under the conforming limits and the 2nd smaller mortgage would be a HELOC to cover the difference.  I can illustrate and discuss the benefits of both scenarios if you would like to contact me.  Good Luck on your search!

Can I get out of an appraisal?


I would agree with all answers so far.  Only way to get out of it is if the automated underwriting system allows for it.  It would also be lender specific so if you do want to avoid it you could shop a few lenders.  I would also ask if the lender would pay for it and see if they are able to offer that

Consolidating 2 Mortages


With rates that high it would absolutely be worth looking intoI can not think of any cons to refinancing into a lower rate/payment unless you are payng closing costs and plan on selling your house in the next year or so.  In that case you would need to calculate the savings vs cost to refi and figure out how long it takes to recoup those costs.  You wouldn't refi if it didnt add upOf course the big challenge in refinancing these days is the value of your home vs the balance on the 2 loans.

FHA interest Rate


you should be able to obtain the best rates available when using an FHA loan unless your credit score is below 640 and some lenders have a hit to the rate

Do I need to purchase mortgage insurance if my loan amount is 399,600.00?


If you have less then 20% down then you will have to pay mortgage insurance in some form.  You may have the option of lender paid mortgage insurance. With this product you have a slightly higher rate but no monthly MI payment.  Since you have 10% down I do know of one bank that is currently still doing 80-10 loans.  Please contact me if interested