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Buying home before selling existing home


Cash out refinance would be the route I would take. You can do draw a HELOC. Depending on how long you plan to keep the current home you can decide if you want to take a short term loan (ARM) or a long term loan(30 year fix)

In a short sale if the seller took the appliances but they're listed, can I ask for a credit?


Review your contract if the contract had listed the appliances to be conveyed it does not matter if the property is a regular sale,  foreclosure or a short sale those items must be conveyed by the seller!!In your case have your Realtor review the contract. If stated the seller should deliver the property as per the contract terms. Yes their are lenders who require some basic appliances to be conveyed with the home. However with FHA & 203K we do have exceptions where you can purchase new appliances if they are missing. Good Luck

Should I let my home go into foreclosure?


As many of us on Zillow would recommend you to consider short sale over foreclosure. Have you reach out to your banks to re-negotiate your loan terms? My recommendation would be to speak to your banks, local Realtor (specializes in short sale) and/or an attorney who can guide you through the process.Good Luck!

How does selling your underwater property as a Short Sell impact your credit?


There are lot of variables that go with short sale. Depending on the home you are selling , hardship/ reason for short sale, and what the short sale banks approve your short sale under. I typically recommend my clients to speak to a Real Estate attorney especially folks that live in our DC metro area and have government clearance. Also speaking to your CPA may be help full.

Searching for a rental


Shelly, You may want to reach out to a local Realtor. May be someone will be able to assist with your home search needs.