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What is the most important detail?


Once thier main criteria is met, (like price and location) I've noticed buyers seem to be very focused on what the yard is like and then the size of the rooms. It seems like more and more people expect houses built in the early 1950's to have 15 x 15 master suites!!!

Do you see home buyers shying away from SHORT SALES?


Most of my buyers want to stay away from them because they are on a short time frame. Also there are many similar homes that aren't Short sales going for similar prices so the buyers are just snatching them up. And I agree with Scott. The Lenders are doing this to themselves. I had a buyer submit an offer, I waited a month for the bank to respond and then my buyer called me up and informed me that she saw an advertisement for the Auction in her local Newspaper. Guess her offer was denied. It would have been nice to have known that. 

How can the information (on your website) on my property be updated?


You can try to claim the property and then change the information that is provided. However you may not be able to change the value if you're referring to the Zestimate. That's done through their own calculations and i'm not sure how it can be changed

remove my home from Zillow


Zillow exports the base of their information from the MLS. Some times they are a little delayed. Therefore it may take some time if you just took the property off the market. If however it has been off the market for a while you may want to check with your listing agent to make sure that took the property off the market properly. Good luck

Daily MLS Emails - How long do you leave your customer on the drip


I like to "check in" once a week. Especially if the clients are actively looking at the listings/emails. I'll e-mail first, wait a week and then if I don't get an answer I'll try calling. And my e-mails are usually really short and to the point. How's your search going, have any questions, want to see any house... etc.