- Highly likely to recommend
11/10/2012 - Justin_L3
Bought a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $225K in Orlando, FL.
In last 20 years I've bought and sold something like 14 homes. This has given me lots of experience with real estate agents. What I've learned is there are four requirements to being a great agent. They are: 1)Passion 2)Knowledge 3)Listening skills and; 4)Responsiveness.

Valerie has all of this and more! She has huge energy and passion and really knows her markets and the many "ins and outs" of real estate transactions. She took the time to get to know us and to understand what we were looking for and impressed us with showing us properties and sharing ideas that directly related to our needs. She also is very, very good at responding to our phone calls and emails. She was outstanding at getting back to us quickly and following up on every discussion and every commitment. She misses nothing.

She showed us great properties; shared great ideas; and helped us find the perfect property. During the entire process she was always at our side and made the entire process easy and smooth. I can honestly say she is the best agent I've ever worked with and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 11/16/2012
Justin and Joyce, As you know it was my absolute pleasure helping you find the perfect place in Lake Nona near the medical city and your grandchildren of course too! Thank you so much for kind words as you know it is all about my customers being happy and getting the best deal possible. Your comments about me as a Realtor mean the world to me especially since you have a lot of experience with buying and selling homes over the last 20 years! Andre and I are looking forward to coming over to see your beautiful new home once you have it show ready! I feel blessed to have you a customer and now friend. I am looking forward to introducing you to your neighbors as well. Thank you so much for saying you think I am the best! Words can not even express how much I appreciate that. Abundant Blessings Always, Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
10/03/2012 - fcraft1
Bought a home in 2012.
When we moved to Orlando we knew no one and had no idea of the best place to buy a home. Valerie did a great job of helping us determine the best areas tolive in then helped narrow down the choices. She was extreemely knowledgeble of the current market conditions and what tru value we would get for our money. I have purchased 26 homes in my life and as you might guess had numerous realtors. Valerie ranks high on my favorites and I would highly recommend her. Thanks Valerie.
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 10/04/2012
Bob and Sue, Thank you so much for the wonderful review it speaks volumes especially since you purchased 26 homes and use numerous Realtors around the country!! It was my honor to help you find the perfect place at a great price too. I appreciate your business and trust in me as your Realtor of choice. You are going to love living in Lake Nona especially since you have water access for your boat on beautiful Lake Nona itself. Thanks again! Abundant Blessings Always, Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
07/31/2012 - user5410131
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.375M in Winter Garden, FL.
Valerie was so wonderful to work with, she made the entire process of buying a new home very pleasurable and stress free! I couldn't imagine doing business with anyone else, she not only cared about my needs and what I wanted in my first home but took time to also tell and show me what was in the area as I just moved to Orlando. I will recommend her to everyone I know, she is amazing at what she does and a wonderful person to work with.
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 08/01/2012
Elizabeth, You have been amazing to work with. I feel blessed beyond measure that you picked me to be your Realtor. It is so exciting especially when it is somebodies first home. I am so so happy that you were able to get brand new construction for your first home which will save you a lot on your electric bills!! I am thrilled that you are happy with your beautiful new home. I am Glad that it was not too stressful either. It is so important that you feel that way. My assistant Vesna and I try and help you from contract to closing and beyond!! I would be honored to help any of your friends, family and co-workers find the perfect place. You do know that your Realtor is always invited to your house warming party right? :) I wish you many years of happiness in your new home. Thanks again for your kind words. Abundant Blessings Always, Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
06/25/2012 - user86858
Bought a home in 2012.
Valerie assisted my wife and I in locating and buying three investment properties. She spent several days showing us properties in the Hunters Creek area, but when nothing materialized that met our property buying criteria, she recomended we swich gears and look in the Lake Nona area. We found three new construction properties that met our needs and will generate positive cash flows. In fact, one already has seen a $20k increase in equity. We will definitely work with Valerie again in the future, and highly recommend her services. She is warm, personable, professional and extremely knwledgeable of the central Florida housing market. Thank you, Valerie!!! All the best, John and Kathy
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 06/25/2012
John and Kathy, I am honored and thrilled that I was able to you find such great properties!! Must be the Jersey in me that never gave up. Brand new energy efficient construction is wonderful especially when your electric bills are so much lower! Glad you made it back home safe and sound. My new favorite place is Lake Nona now both of you understand why!! The growth potential in this area is incredible. When we visited the builder together again on Sunday and saw the price increase I knew you would be happy that we went a couple days before. That does not happen everyday but it was meant to be to make you feel comfortable buying all 3 properties. Your kind words mean the world to me as I pride myself on making sure my customers are happy with my services. I look forward to working with both of you for many years! Thanks again for your business and confidence in me. Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
06/20/2012 - user7941643
Bought a home in 2006.
Valerie is very knowledgeable about Orlando real estate. As a real estate investor, I feel very comfortable relying on her expertise regarding real estate conditions in an ever-changing market. Valerie goes above and beyond in helping to identify the best locations in the Orlando area for investments and she is very attentive to the buyer's needs. She represented me when I was out of the area by obtaining a reliable home inspector, accompanying him during the inspection and monitoring the builder to be sure my home was completed according to spec. I can always rely on Valerie’s professional experience to successfully guide me through the real estate negotiations and subsequent final transactions, completing necessary paperwork and meeting all deadlines for closing. Valerie is there for you every step of the way. She is the only realtor in the Orlando area I would refer to my family and friends.
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 06/20/2012
Andrea, That is an amazing review about my customer service and professionalism as a Realtor! (especially since I know you own numerous properties around the country) I am thrilled that we were able to get you a great property in Village Walk - Lake Nona last year too. Thank you so much for thinking about me for your friends and family too. As you mentioned is is important to have somebody you can trust especially when you are out of the area. Purchasing a home in general can be extremely stressful but when you are 1000+ miles away you need to have somebody be your eyes and ears and as you know I am always here for you. We look forward to seeing you when you come to Central FL next month. Thanks again for your kind words. Blessings, Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
04/02/2012 - user858961
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $375K in Kissimmee, FL.
We are from Wisconsin and were visiting friends for in Celebration, FL. with the intent of shopping for a seasonal house in Celebration. We only had a few days to look at properties. We met Valerie by chance when we saw her coming out of a house with a For Sale sign and asked her about the house. She introduced herself and when we told her why we were visiting, she asked a few pertinent questions and then suggested we look at a couple of listings. Valerie was very helpful in showing us property that met our requirements and when we found the house we wanted, she helped us work through the somewhat prolonged and confusing short sale offer process with the bank. Not only is Valerie a pleasant person to work with, but she is energetic and has a great work ethic. She promptly returns phone calls and emails. She is experienced and knowledgeable in her trade. We would highly recommend her and now consider her a friend.
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 04/04/2012
Allan & Kathie, WOW that really speaks volumes since you are a business owner yourself that you were happy with my professionalism as your Realtor and now friend. You know how quiet and shy I am and don't really like talking to people. NOT!! Thank you so much for your kinds words and loved that part that you consider us friends. Andre' and loved visiting you both in Cocoa Beach and around Celebration from time to time. By the way Andre' wanted me to check on that helicopter ride. It would be awesome along the beach. We hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family and hope to see both of you soon in Celebration. Thanks a million for your trust in me to handle such an appointment transaction. Warmest Regards, Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
03/31/2012 - user6446606
Bought a Condo home in 2009 for approximately $200K in Celebration, FL.
Valerie is wonderful! She is the reason I was able to buy my first home in 2009, a beautiful condo in Celebration that I love! It was truly a blessing to have her walk me through every step of the process and help me live in this dream home I can now call my own. As a person, Valerie is even more incredible - still sending me birthday cards every year! I am grateful for Valerie coming into my life to help me buy this condo and for showing me how wonderful people are in this world. I highly recommend her to anyone!!!!
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 04/02/2012
Shannon, You are so sweet and I am thrilled that I was able to help your dream come true and that you live in our beautiful town of Celebration. Thank you so much for your incredible review. I was reading it my husband and was blown away at your kind words. What a blessing it is to be part of your life and in such an important purchase. God has given me a gift/talent and I want to share it with as many people as I can. You are the best and I hope you aren't still working crazy hours. Abundant Blessings Always, Valerie (Hopefully Your Realtor For Life)


- Highly likely to recommend
03/30/2012 - cashnd
Bought a home in 2011.
Valerie's greatest attribute is her honesty..in my opinion she is above reproach...add to this that she knows her market, knows the players in the market and can give a informative outlook to your purchase. Her attitude remains positive if the sale goes to completion or if another property is the answer. A pleasure to work with and fun to be with...the best that I have come in contact with...
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 04/04/2012
Cash and Snookie, You are an amazing couple and it was my honor to help you purchase a home in Central FL. It would have been nice if we met on Longboat Key but Andre' and I still need to work and don't make it to the beach that often. In Real Estate is all about your reputation if you expect to be in business for any period of time. I was honored that a previous customer of mine referred you to be and greatly appreciate referrals especially from true experienced smart Real Estate professional investors like you and Jeff. Thank you for the special note in my email that you would be willing to even do a personal review from any potential buyers or sellers. Enjoy your winter in Longboat Key and get a tan for us too. Please call me if you are heading to Central FL we would love to meet for lunch etc. Abundant Blessings Now and Always!! Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
03/30/2012 - user348294
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $275K in Kissimmee, FL.
My name is Steven Buck and I am a general contactor from central NY and I came across Valerie on an internet search and it was the best search I could have done. My wife and I were looking for a home in the Kissimmee area, and being very particular about the people I hire to do work, Valerie proved to be a huge asset in our search from being 1200 miles from our purchase. Throughout the whole process Valerie was very diligent to get me all I needed to make our purchase a smooth transition without overlooking any due diligence. I couldn't be more pleased with my outcome and I highly recomment her services.
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 04/04/2012
Steve and Michele, I can't even begin to Thank You enough for your confidence in me as your FL Realtor especially since you are in the Real Estate field yourself in NY. I was thrilled when you actually saw the home for the first time when you arrived during your vacation. I was almost dancing and shouting for Joy because I wanted to make sure that I lived up to your exceptions of your trust in me to actually purchase the home sight unseen just from a video tour I created for you and my word that it was a good deal. Hey being from the same area of the country I am sure helped right? Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all again when you return after the remodel of your amazing home. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you for many more years to come!! Thanks-Valerie


- Highly likely to recommend
03/12/2012 - user122749
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $325K in Orlando, FL.
We purchasing a home in Hunter’s Creek for 300K+ and we are beyond pleased with Valerie Thomas. If you are looking for someone who is very professional, knowledgeable, determined and always happy to go above and beyond, please don’t look any further!! I strongly recommend Valerie if you are really looking for someone who will look after you and your interest whether you are buying or selling your home. I have met many Realtor Agents in my experiences when buying and selling my properties, but have never met a Realtor as efficient, trustworthy and reliable as Valerie Thomas, she is a true professional! My wife and I have purchased property all over the US and have never met anyone as prompt as Valerie to respond to our phone calls, text messages and emails. Thanks to the wonderful and helpful assistance Valerie has given us, we are in the process of purchasing our dream home in Hunters Creek/Orlando, Fla. I only wish I met her several years ago because our experience purchasing this home with Valerie as our Realtor is totally amazing! We own several businesses and have never seen anyone work so hard to make their customers happy! Valerie will give you 150% whether you are selling or buying a home. Without a doubt I will refer all my friends and family to family without hesitation! Valerie's unlimited knowledge of Florida's home purchase laws and guidelines have made our experience in buying our home in Orlando care-free and stress-free. We truly and whole heartedly recommend Valerie Thomas as the best Realtor Agent through-out the entire State of Florida. Customers For Life, Mohammad & Adrienne
Profile picture for Valerie Thomas
Response from Valerie on 03/14/2012
Mohammad & Adrienne, You were put in my path for a reason. Especially since we have the same type A personality and wants results ASAP! I am thrilled and honored that we met and was able to find you such a beautiful home for your family in Hunter's Creek with an amazing view. I look forward to helping you sell your current home in the near future and others in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and confidence in me as your Realtor. Being a business owner yourself I know your time is valuable and thanks for ALWAYS telling me that I am the Best!! It actually motivates me and means a lot that I exceed your exceptions. I want to work even hard to get you the best deal possible so that I remain your Realtor for Life. Abundant Blessings, Valerie


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