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Can't claim my listing.

I am unable to claim this listing to add or edit pictures, information and open house.  The listing appears to be syndicated from another source.  In the past I have been able to edit these.  Please help. From: "Zillow" <>To: <>Subject: We Accidentally Lost Your Listing Photo(s)Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:26:56 -0600To ensure you receive these e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book.,We're sorry to inform you that we have lost one or more of the photos that you posted on A software error deleted some photos from a subset of homes. While that error has now been repaired, we were unfortunately unable to recover the photos. Please visit Zillow to upload the missing photos on the following home(s):

Updating listings and duplicates

I post all of our listings on postlets and allow them to forward to Zillow.  Most of our listings are showing up here 3 and 4 times from various sources (many of which I never posted on to begin with)  Doesn't Zillow have any mechanism in place to check for duplicates?  Updating listings is a very cumbersome process involving many screens.  Since the listings need to be reconfirmed every seven days, couldn't you add a  "reconfirm all my listings," or "reconfirm this listing." Allison and Susan Van Wig