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How much should I pay for a CMA?


Under most circumstances (those considering selling their houses), CMA are done at no charge.  Providing a CMA gives the real estate agents the opportunity to introduce themselves, demonstrate local knowledge of the market, their expertise and win your business. Think of it as a quote at no cost which many businesses do.  But......if you are looking for a CMA with no intent of listing or selling your property with a real estate agent, than you should expect to pay for the work that goes into a CMA.  I typically charge between $ 50 to $ 100 under such a situation.  Basically, my cost.  Remember to treat others like you wish to be treated.

Selling my house in a year... What should I do????


Hi Vonialee:What you need to answer this question is a professional in the field of handling money.  This is a difficult question that only a financial advisor or account can answer for you.  That is where I would go and I am a real estate agent and Realtor.Van Wilkerson, The Maine Real Estate Network, 887 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME, [contact info removed by moderator]

I have serveral edits to make to my profile, address, website and NMLS info update How>?


On, log in first, Then go to the top right hand corner of the page and place your pointer on My Zillow. The pointer will change into a hand shape and a drop down screen will appear.  Move the hand down to Profile and click.  Your profile page will come up.  Then click edit and a page that allows edits will appear.  Begin updating as you please.  When finished make sure you click submit on the bottom left of the page for the changes to be published.  Hope this is helpful.