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Vanguard Property Inspectors, LLC is an Oklahoma company dedicated to serving the consumers and investor when purchasing a property.  Our inspections are guided by a national "Standards of Practice" that are designed to cover the Structure, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Appliances & Interior systems of the property.

VPI uses extreme technology to help aid our inspections; "CARR" (Crawlspace Accessible Remote Robot) is our newest innovation that allows us to inspect under the house with a HD camera system mounted on an all terrain vehicle, and everyone at the inspection watches from a central monitor set up in the kitchen.  Finally, now a buyer knows what the crawlspace looks like and has a better understanding of what was inspected and can ask questions concerning anything they see.

Soon to come;  "AVIS" (Aerial Vehicle Inspection System) is a hover craft with a downward looking HD camera that will allow us to do a better roof inspection.  In Oklahoma several roofs and chimney tops do not get inspected for a variety of reasons; high pitch (over 7/12), second story, and then there's weather related issues like snow, ice, rain and we don't walk composition roofs when it's over 90* outside due to potential damage, and that could be all summer long.  All in all most buyers don't get the roof inspections they're needing for one reason or another.

Our hope and goal at VPI is to give prospective clients the knowledge they need to feel good about the house they're trying to purchase or walk away and find another. Buying a house is the single largest investment most people make in a lifetime. Do you want any surprises?
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