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Venture Dynamics # 1 priority is providing you the greatest net return while maintaining and enhancing the value of your rental property. Experience personalized property management service with professional results. 

  • Availability.  Nine times out of ten a real person will answer our telephone.  If you do receive voice mail, your call will be returned promptly by a licensed property manager.
  • Reliability.  With a proven track record and an expert knowledge of today's market, Venture Dynamics is dedicated to providing excellent property management services for your investment property. 
  • Separation.  Don't become emotionally involved. The core of our business is tenant relations.  Sit back, relax and let us handle the day to day challenges of managing your rental property.
  • Accountability.  Your rental property will be placed in the hands of a licensed real estate property manager who will personally attend to every aspect of managing your single family home or small plex.
  • Service.  With open communication as the key, Venture Dynamics is able to tailor its property management style to the individual needs of each client and each rental property.

 We're not the biggest... just the best. Contact us today.

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02/26/2014 - user8242679
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Portland, OR.

Below you will find the exact verbiage from Venture Dynamic’s (VD) Rental Application. The verbiage in concern is "applicant will be required to complete a rental agreement and pay any and all fees/deposits applicable immediately." The term “immediately” is lose language and is not binding to any period of time. Our rental application was approved and then denied. Me, my wife, and two daughters live 2 hours south of Portland. With my family in school and working full time, I cannot just pick-up and go to Portland whenever. We applied for the home on a Friday and received notice of approval on Monday evening. The time we had available to come back up to Portland was the next Friday, same as the week prior. Because we were unable to commute to Portland again until Friday they denied our application with the reason, and I quote “unable to step up”.

The language in the Rental Application clearly indicates VD has "4 business days" to accept or deny the application; however, the application loosely states that the applicant will be required to complete a rental agreement and pay any and all fees/deposits applicable "immediately". My “immediately” is on Friday. Since we are out of town my suggestion was to email the documents and we will sign them and return via USPS next day air with our, already purchased, cashier's check for the full amount due (1st month’s rent, deposit, etc.). Communicating via email is not an option with this company and they refused to work with us. VD defends their "4 days" having used all of them to approve our application then uses the verbiage "immediately" to enforce any time period they wish on the applicant then keeping the applicants money and moving on to the next “customer”. A refund of the application fee of $90 was requested from VD and immediately denied without consideration.

“APPLICANT PROCESS - Acceptance or denial of the application may take up to 4 business days. Upon acceptance, applicant will be required to complete a rental agreement and pay any and all fees/deposits applicable immediately. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the applicant. Applicant has the right to dispute the accuracy of any information provided to the landlord by a screening company or credit reporting agency.”
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