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08/20/2012 - user332920
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $50K in Redford, MI.

I purchased a few homes with Vershaun, each time I placed a bid I was told someone else had bidded as well (meaning I had to give my highest and best bid). Soooooooooo, I decided to check one day, called the real estate company where the home was listed and was told "There is only 1 bid on the house", I waited a few days to ensure there was only 1 bid. Called back and received the same information. By then it was too late to withdraw my bid and risk losing the home, I did pay the market value for the home back then which was still a good rate, but I feel I was told to increase my bid so that commission would increase for her. When I told the real estate company what happened, they were shocked, then went on to say there wasn't much more they could discuss with me. Be careful and do all of your research!

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Response from Vershaun on 08/23/2012

I assisted this buyer with the purchase of 2 homes. The first property was a HUD property for an investment and the second was a property to occupy. . Regardless if the property sold for $1.00 or $100K I am not in the habit of having a buyer spend more for a property than needed, and have closed deals with a commission as low as $150 , because what is important is the buyer purchasing the property they want. I am NOT and NEVER will be a commission driven Realtor. Also while in the process of closing this deal I was in India and made a point of making sure I was in contact with the buyer, seller's agent, and mortgage company to make sure there was nothing that would hold the deal up for the buyer. The buyer noted in the title the property was bought for 50K the sale price was 40,001 without including the closing fees. Lastly to all buyers you always have the right to withdraw from a deal. There may be some penalities ( losing your EMD).



07/16/2012 - user367827
Showed home in 2009 in Park, Detroit, MI 48239.

Vershaun was very prompted in showing me different homes, sending emails and listings. Very professional and a great team player to work with. I would recommend a serious buyers to contact Ms. Jones.

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