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I would like to buy an investment property in Pittsburgh, PA


Try to find a buyer's agent who understands, and is familiar with, investment properties.  Most Realtor's do not!  Investment properties are very different from residential properties - so WHEN you find a good agent that you want to work with, make sure he/her has some understanding of the basic terminology that you yourself should be aware of - NOI, ROI, etc.  Also, we are from the Pittsburgh area as well - and you might want to consider Westmoreland County.  Jeannette and Monessen are great areas for investment.

Home buying


You sound like an excellent candidate to get a loan...maybe FHA is the way to go for you, but definetly talk to a mortage lender.  And talk to more than just one because some can do things other can't.  Good luck.

When is the best time to put your house on the market?


We've found that anytime of the year is fine.  In the Spring, there are more buyers out looking, BUT there are also more homes on the market, so you're competing against that.  During the holidays/winter months, there will be less buyers actively looking, but the inventory may be less.  So it evens out.

Short sale -?


You have to remember that banks do price a short sale property fairly close to what they expect they'll get, so you certainly do not want to 'low-ball' the offer. But if the offer is reasonable - (based on the condition, etc), by all means, go for it!   Good luck.

Best place to buy a house for under 70,000?


If you want to stay somewhat close to Maryland, Western Pennsylvania (specifically east of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County) has some great bargains. We are actually currently listing an updated 4 bedroom home for $69,900!!!  Plus, you can become a Steelers fan!

At 58 years old, should I buy or rent?


One advantage renting does have is that, for the most part, you would not have to pay for many expenses a homeowner would normally pay for.  e.g. taxes (property/school), homeowner insurance, maintenance costs (upkeep on furnace/AC/ and EVERYTHING else you have to maintain around a house.)  So you should consider those expenses in the $1000 vs. $1800 comparison.

Currently lots of buyers few sellers?


Sure - about this time of the year, buyers are coming 'out of the woodwork' to see what's out there on the market.  Where we live, spring seems to have come early - so we are seeing more people at Open Houses etc.  Just hope it continues!

Do we really need a home warranty?


It also depends on the actual Home Warranty company... some are better than others.  The one that we are familiar with is very good - but you do have to pay for additional coverage like "pre-existing conditions" - which could be applied to almost any component failure!   But overall, we think they are a good investment - especially if the components/appliances are getting up in age.