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Are there any examples of Private/Public/501(3c) interests collaborating together?

I am seeking any leads on stories about public for-profit businesses who have successfully provided services typically limited to the Governmental or 501(3c) arena's such as Public Housing or Specialty Accommodation?Particularly, I am interested in any somewhat recent (last 2 years) examples of entrepreneurial successes in working with the traditional, yet defunct local governments and non-profits to service niches successfully affected by the funding vacuums?Victoria House Post-It? Rob Widing ReportsRob Widing & Victoria House Collaborative LLC Profile    NOTE: JPEG WEBSHOTS BELONGING TO::, The Erie Times-News and/or its parent companies/affiliates or subsidiaries. Victoria House LLC and Robert Widing Claim No Ownership, however; Specific JPEG or Produced Imges taken by Fireshot Webcam by Poster. If this constitutes a breach of rights or the owners of initial, pre-webshot images wish to have them removed, Victoria House Collaborative LLC will comply without Argument to requests submitted by stated owners.

Seeking advice or information on short sales, the highest yield percentage, strategies, costs etc?


Hi Mitchel,Thanks for responding. To be honest, I'd like to get a idea on the buying and selling aspects given the current market and credit limitations. It's an area I really don't know much about and have not looked into and/or studied at any real level. There seems to be opportunity, all things you've mentioned are relevant; I'm just dipping my feet in this area! Would love some feedback on how the process differs from traditional downtime market strategies. Thanks, Rob.

Can Anyone Cite a City that Has Exceptional Zoning Laws and Systems?

All too often the property owners/attorneys and agents end up spending a fortune on Zoning Requirements that turn out to be; outdated, illegal, not-necessary, provided false or misleading information from Zoning Officials and Zoning Hearing Boards which typically are not Elected and often wrong. Does anyone know of progressive, business friendly Cities to Cite as examples of How Local Government and Property Owners/Agents and Managers move away from the Archaic Systems too many of our Cities have?

Hello everyone. Does anyone know how the Tire Plant is going to effect home prices.


I would guess that the "if" the tires plant was to be built in Erie, it would have had a certain negative (short term) and potentially flat-line effect (mid-long term). I'm not an environmentalist and of course, I could be dead wrong, however if looking at a few micro and macro issues, a few warning bells could rise. The first is the simple numbers. The plant would employ 20-40 people (extremely efficient and I won't even pretend to know how so few could operate and maintain a USD ($) 370m. Plant 24/7 consisting of a smoke stack 3 x the limit set in Erie Zoning Ordinance 80-2005 (Height limit was 100ft, the proposed amendment to the Ordinance was voted down 3x by Council). The income levels and possible money short and long-term through salaries would not make an even incremental change. Due to ongoing litigation (still to this day), the profile and issue of the plant and some potential concerns (other than a balcony view of a 300ft smoke stack) have gotten raised and potentially out of proportion to the reality of the problems raised. First and foremost, Greg Rubino and his already tethered image, coupled with (potentially media driven, nonetheless, existential and in peoples minds) his efforts to have the 24 hour emissions standards monitoring required by the EPA to be lifted, showcasing, irrespective even should the plant photosynthesis rubber into the purest form of Oxygen we've ever known, industrial sights, especially ones large, imposing and provisioning minimal long term local jobs, subject to constitutionality fights, run by a person 80% of Residents despise there is an enormous downside for property values, with little to counteract on the positives. Perhaps in 20 years once it successfully passed the "Acid Test of Time", values in the immediate area would stabilize yet by then, who knows what the energy industry and its requirements are going to be, or worse, five years into operations it was found to be exceeding standards and forced to shut. It would have to be moved out of populated areas anyway and the City and County cannot afford to clean up collapsed homes in residential areas lest a power plant. the biggest factor of all is, due to population and space needs, any means of expansion or adjacent facilities would never get zoning approval to enable an industrial energy park/mixed alternative energy ventures could easily establish a centralized pooled energy grid. Had some common sense gone into the planning of this and it built in Erie County, with the co-operation of authorities for easing transportation and sectioning off large areas around, this could have been a very viable venture with huge economic benefits for the region. As it stands authorities are placing investments in supply based projects without demand (community college, airport runway etc) which in themselves would be funded entirely with demand based investors. Having a large scale, flexible and red tape limited alternative energy zone within easy driving distance and given our natural position as a highway junction/hub, plenty of land and a relatively moderate cost of living, our officials really failed us by not supporting this project and thinking any economic sense. If we were the first to establish a silicon valley of clean energy sites and other demand by commodities, our unemployment, broke government and career nurses/artists and politicians serving as our economic managers would be forced to abandon these fantasy projects hoping to boost the image of the City instead of employing the fundamentals of economic principle. Let demand dictate supply with regulators in office around to bend over backwards to accommodate the people who will determine the success or failure of this region and city just like 1,000 other American cities which after the dust settles from this economic nightmare, 200 will be prospering at levels never imagined whilst the 800 go down the way of Gary Indiana..